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Nokia Maps direct downloads

Martin Letis has posted a great way to download the Nokia Maps directly. Personally I don’t like the Nokia MapLoader, as the downloads are extremely slow, the application is strict on the Map downloads, and there is low functionality.

It seems that Martin agrees with me, so he went for a search on an alternate way to download the maps. He analyzed the HTTP traffic and found out what the GET requests were. He then parsed the HEX strings and got the Maps’ numbers. With this, you can just download them with a HTTP browser that supports downloads.

Inspired by this, Diabo, also know as 666, posted all the links on his website as well as few simple steps:

Run Nokia Maps on your phone once before you add any maps. This will create the required folder structure on your memory card.

Download, unzip, and drop into the appropriate folders on your memory card. On my Nokia the folder structure is cities with a subfolder called diskcache filled with subfolders called 0 to 9 and a to f, i.e. /cities/diskcache/0 to /cities/diskcache/f.

You can download maps for entire continents, individual countries, or individual regions within some countries. Download sizes range from one megabyte (Gibraltar) to over a gigabyte (europe or america). You’ll need a 4 GB card to fit the entire planet.

All links look like http://static.s2g.gate5.de/maploaderzip/0.0.9h/*.zip, where * is a number of two to seven digits. If a map doesn’t work properly on your phone (e.g. street names appearing at the wrong place), copy the URL into the address bar of your browser, change the URL to http://static.s2g.gate5.de/maploaderzip/0.0.8h/*.zip or http://static.s2g.gate5.de/maploaderzip/0.0.7h/*.zip, and try again.

Original article: Nokia N96 Blog

Source: Martin Letis, moo.no

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published by Meraj Chhaya às 11:01
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2 comentários:
De nokiamaps a 23 de Fevereiro de 2008 às 20:08
meraj wrote: "Inspired by this, the guys over the moo.no website..."

There's only one guy running nokiamaps.moo.no : me. There's not really such a thing as "the moo.no website" either: www.moo.no is simply a redirecter to make short URLs, similar to tinyurl.com. Nokiamaps.moo.no simply points to a free site on 110mb.com .

Anyway, thanx for spreading the word on grabbing maps for Nokia Maps without using their maploader-from-hell.
De Meraj Chhaya a 26 de Fevereiro de 2008 às 15:39
thanks, fixed!

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