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How Nokia will win Greenpeace's heart

All environmentalists, animal lovers, Discovery channel addicts, and of course, everyone else who really cares about Mother Earth knows about this one: Nokia's partnership with WWF and IUCN in order to persuade users to discuss solutions to apply a brake to the Global Warming, and all other "man-made" calamities that can hit on us at anytime.

To encourage users, Nokia opened a website, http://www.connect2earth.org/ , where you can upload images, videos, and even texts on what you can relate to the wildlife. You can discuss the latest happenings and most importantly, discuss solutions.

According to the official website:

Once your stuff is up, it can be voted and ranked by everyone else coming to this site. Those getting the most votes and the highest overall ranks will win some really cool mobile phones courtesy of Nokia (awarded at the end of each calendar month).

As we get closer to the World Conservation Congress in October 2008, a leading panel of figures will choose from all entries the ones that will be shown to the global gathering in Barcelona.

And from all of those, one person will be invited to come and attend the meeting and speak to the assembled mass of brains and influential brawn.

And now some quotes from the people in the business:

IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre said: "We live on an amazing planet - we need to protect it. We want to encourage young people to be involved in environmental issues and take action. With connect2earth they have the chance to influence real decision makers."
James Leape, Director General of WWF International, said: "connect2earth is a truly global space for young people to connect, share, express their concerns and their hopes about the environment online - and win some prizes in the process. This new community allows them to tell the world why they care about the environment and why it should be protected."
Kirsi Sormunen, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Nokia, said: "Young people feel increasingly strongly about protecting the environment because, for them, it represents their future. We wanted to support WWF and IUCN in this exciting initiative to create a way for young people to express and share their ideas and connect with their peers in a new way."

Picture: Sandhan Foundation
Source: Nokia
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