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Philips Xenium 9@9 Long-Life Mobile Phones

From Mobile Whack---

Philips is making a jump back into the mobile phone market, bringing us something that all mobile phone owners want - super long battery life. With the introduction of the Philips Xenium 9@9 series of phones, users can expect it to last 40 days and 40 nights in stand-by more before having to recharge. Or, for the talkative amongst us, you can babble incesantly for 10 hours before you need to charge it up again.

Philips Xenium 9@9a:

The first phone in the series is the Philips Xenium 9@9a, which has the longest battery life of the bunch. It's a very basic model that works on GSM 900/1800 networks. In standy-bye mode it lasts for 40 days and nights, and has a talk-time of 10 hours. It is not packed with all kinds of features, but it does support SMS, EMS, MMS, and WAP. It has a 1.5-inch OLED display (65k colors), 2MB internal memory, and supports polyphonic ringtones. The phonebook can hold up to 1000 entries The phone measures 99.7 x 43.5 x 19.2mm, and weights 86 g.

Philips Xenium 9@9d:

The Philips Xenium 9@9d is the next phone in the series, and is a step-up from the 9@9a model phone. This phone has some more features as well, and therefore the battery life is slightly less, but still impressive. Stand-by time is one month, and talk-time is 8.5 hours. Features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, USB 1.1, Bluetooth, JAVA 2.0 support, IrDA connectivity, and 18MB of internal memory. The 9@9d model phone has a 128x160 screen with 65k colors. The phone measures 108 x 45 x 18.5 mm, and weights 96 g.

Philips Xenium 9@9t:

The Philips Xenium 9@9t phone is higher-end model in the series, and could easily be considered a "smartphone." It has more features than the mid-level 9@9d model, but retains the impressive battery life of 850 hours stand-by and 8.5 hours of talk-time. This model features a 128 x 160 Touchscreen with 65K colors, MP3 palyer, handwriting recognition, stylus, and a miniSD card slot for expandable memory. The Xenium 9@9t lacks, however, the Bluetooth and IrDA support that the 9@9d model features.

There's been no word on pricing or availability at this time. Hopefully the great battery life of these phones will inspire other mobile phone manufacturers to start incorporating such features themselves.

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Nokia N99 Nseries Phone Photos

Photos of the new N99 Nseries phone by Nokia have surfaced online. The phone reportedly will have 16GB Flash internal memory, 9-way front joystick, and up to a 4GB miniSD card slot. It will also feature a 16:9 3.2-inch widescreen, GPS, MP#, WLAN WiFi, a QWERTY keypad, 8-megapixel camera, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, and a 3 CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture.
Of course it is fake...

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ASUS Z801 Mobile Phone: Communicate in Style

Today ASUS announced the launch of its trendy Z801 mobile phone, which is available only in Taiwan at this time. Without compromising its functionality, the Z801 phone incorporates the latest fashion trends for a truly stylish mobile device.

The ASUS Z801 mobile phone is sophisticated and sleek, with clean lines, recessed buttons on the side, and a checkboard style keyboard. The phone is also constructed of high-quality materials, making it both beautiful and durable. The phone's chassis is constructed of stainless steel, while the front of the phone is accented by a genuine leather insert. The Z801 also makes use of fine sapphire crystal for the secondary screen, adding to the classy appeal of this mobile phone.

The ASUS Z801 is designed for global use with its Quadband reception, Bluetooth connectivity, voice dialing, and QR code for e-commerce transactions. But the Z801 is not just all work and no play - it also a great entertainment device with a 2 megapixel camera (1600x1200 resolution), a large QVGA screen (240x320), video recording capabilities, as well as MP3, AAC, and MPEG4 playback. The phone has 64MB of internal memory, which can be expanded with use of a microSD memory card. The unique karaoke function brings even more entertainment fun to this device.

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