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N96 is more like a N95 16GB...Another N96 Preview-review

Again I say...disappointing!

The specs were leaked long ago, but now it is official all the features missing and the all features that are in, but I have to say, it was quite a nice video!

It is confirmed that the N96 is a video orientated device, that is for capture, playback and streaming. Atleast that is the excuse for the missing Xenon. As posted everywhere now in the blogosphere, there is a Dual LED instead of a Xenon, although I'm wondering why couldn't there be one LED and one Xenon instead.
Still on the video side, there is DVB-h, not commercial in many countries, but it is a bonus for those that already have DVB-h, but TV playback is only 4 hours maximum, which is equivalent to more than 2 movies.
On the playback side, the following codecs are supported:

  • MPEG-4 Part 2 (H.263/SP), up to VGA 30 fps, hardware-accelerated codec, scaled to max QVGA on device screen, or max SDTV on TV-out
  • MPEG-4 Part 10 (H.264/AVC), up to VGA 30 fps, hardware-accelerated codec, scaled to max QVGA on device screen, or SDTV on TV-out
  • Windows Media Video (WMV9), up to CIF/QVGA 30 fps, hardware-accelerated codec, scaled to max QVGA on device screen, or SDTV on TV-out
  • RealVideo QCIF at 30 fps
  • Flash video support in browser
  • DRM support: OMA DRM 1, OMA DRM 2, WM DRM
The video centre is included as well, although I didn't find it interesting at all, but I'm hoping that we see some changes and full YouTube experience or something alike.

On video recording, the Product Manager affirmed that the Dual LED is available full time, but I'm worried that he might been mistaken as one LED is usually saved for red video light.

As said previously, the camera is 5 megapixels in resolution, and the biggest disappointment of all is that there is no optical zoom. I don't see why a 8 megapixels sensor is not included, there are rumours that many other mobile phone companies are designing them, so Nokia might be left behind.

Something peculiar about the radio is that you need the headset connected for it to work, I simply don't understand, they can include an internal DVB-h antenna but not a radio antenna.

The accelerometer is there, it will work for the auto-rotation but it will not have a full implementation as the video we saw on Touch UI, although we can install programs such as Tong Ren's FlipSilent and Manu's ShakeLock.

If you noticed the release date, which is Q3, you will wonder why so late. I presume that Nokia wants users busy while they we wait for Touch UI, and this might also be a sign that Touch UI suffered a delay.

On the network side, Dual HSDPA and Quad EDGE is present, so I'm not sure if there is still need on a US version, or maybe the band is the same as the N78. HSDPA's speed is only 3.6mbps, strange seeing that by Q3 we will see many 7.2mbps capable devices.

We were all complaining about battery life, but check how Nokia thinks they can cheat us by giving 'offline mode' values:
  • Battery: Nokia Battery BL-5F, 950 mAh
  • Talk time: up to 150 / 220 minutes (WCDMA / GSM)
  • Standby: up to 200 / 220 hours (WCDMA / GSM)
  • Video playback: up to 5 hours (offline mode)
  • Music playback: up to 14 hours (offline mode)
  • TV playback: up to 4 hours (DVB-H)
One feature that is surely not acceptable at this stage is the use of QVGA resolutions on a display that is almost 3"! Unfortunately Nokia decided to use this, and I simply cannot understand their choices, as much of the competition and even China fakes are WVGA or even VGA!

Now on the marketing side, besides N96 being a waiting post for the Touch UI, I'm pretty sure it's a market destroyer of the newly announced Apple iPhone 16GB, I hope you can remember that the N95 8GB served as the iPhone 8GB competitor as well.

By being a video orientated device, I was expecting atleast a release movie included in the box, but instead of that I found a car charger, something quite unexpected...

It's quite obvious that the N96 looks like a dual-slide N81, this is because they are part of the same Nseries range of multimedia computers. They share a common design language, such as the black front and the band around with embedded functions and connectors, that's according to Nokia's Product Manager.

One question remains, which is the charging via the microUSB port, and I still don't have the answer for that.
Another topic that I would like to see discuss is the effectiveness of GPS locks. Is the GPS IC on the top platform or under the slide? I hope you remember that this created a lot of problems on the N95, where we need the slide open for a GPS lock.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:58
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