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Nokia attempts to patent rotating numeric pad


Nokia has filed for a US patent for a mobile phone with a rotating numeric keyboard, writes The Register.

"The numeric pad can turn round to retain the correct orientation when the handset it flipped into landscape mode.

The application details what looks like a standard candybar handset. The clever bit comes when you rotate it through 90°: the screen slides up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard.

... Nokia original filed its patent applicaton back in September 2005, but the filing was updated yesterday."


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Patent for Illustrated Text Messaging


Samsung has just filed a patent for an illustrated SMS interface. Each contact in a cell phone can be associated with an image and text messages would appear like Treo's chat feature, but illustrated, like a comic strip.


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New Chinese Concept Phones Revealed in CeBIT 2007

Huawei Concept Phone1

The Chinese mobile telephone company Huawei presented in CeBIT 2007 these cool concepts for new cell phones that may or may not be produced in the near future. The most interesting one is a mobile phone with an integrated USB connector that can be used without the need of an adapter or even a cable. The USB adapter is made with a flexible rubber that can be bent in any angle you need to connect it directly to your computer for transmitting data and charging your phone.

Huawei Concept Phone2
The second concept by Huawei is a phone with an external battery, designed to deal with the problem of cell phones always running out of juice when you need them the most. The external battery connects via USB, and can be replaced as needed while you charge the first one. The battery can have different colours and textures to match with the clothes you’re wearing, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Huawei Concept Phone3
The third idea is a cell phone with a Bluetooth headset that can be separated from the phone and used independently, so that the user can use only the headset, and still look up telephone numbers or notes in the cell phone easily, just like you would with a Smartphone. The headset can also be used to track the phone interactively using the Bluetooth connectivity.

Huawei doesn’t inform us when and if these concepts will ever see the light of day. The first concept design seems to be very useful and practical, and we can only hope so.


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Dark Label Retroxis Phone

darklabel_lim_small.jpg darklabel_lim2_small.jpgSpotted on YankoDesign, two new cell phone concepts, by designer Lim Sze Tat.

Darklabel | Retroxis (picture left)

"The phone is encased in high polished polycarbonate renowned for its lightweght and toughness and the invisible OLED display silently hides away when inactive to make your phone look clean and stylish."

Darklabel | Revol (picture right)

"The idea of Revol is to portray it as a stylish timepiece. As such, the conventional hour and minute hands are replaced with revolving disc. The clock face is sculpted in a slight cone shape to give it more dimension. Main frame is encased in polycarbonate with a gloss finish while the strap is of matt silicone to give it a nice contrast. Numeric markings are removed to reinforce its simplistic style."


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More Leak on Sony Ericsson M610i has notified us on their Sony Ericsson M610i live photo

The upcoming Sony Ericsson M610i is continue to have the M600i style QWERTY keyboard, and has an internal codename Lizy. The M610i is a 3G phone support GPRS/EDGE/UTMS/WiFi/Bluetooth connection according to the site.

Note that the back casing of this phone is a bit different from the previous M610i leaked photo we posted last week. The phone casing in that post could be M800i, which has a 3.2 megapixel camera (the difference is cyber shot or not cyber shot) too.

stay tune for more info!


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HP Rugged Data Center Assistant/PDA ConceptD

Do you know what it is:


New pocket PC? PDA? Phone?

Nope. It’s a new concept design by Teague called “Data Center Communications Vision of the Future Server” for HP, that scooped If Design Award at this years CeBit. It is envisioned as:

“… integrated hardware/software mobile technology device enables IT personnel to monitor data center equipment, diagnose and track problems, and perform system services. It visualizes and communicates problems related to HP servers and data centers, and works as a fully-integrated system to streamline day-to-day tasks. It synchronizes with the user’s PC to track inventory, communicating through RFID and Bluetooth to control data center access, and connects through a USB dongle to identify problems and diagnose repairs. Its rubberized surface increases the durability.”

Looks like a lot of effort for a piece of diagnostic equipment. But with rugged laptops all the rage these days, whenever HP decides to create a new rugged Pocket PC/PDA/Phone category, this gadget will be a perfect start.


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Sony Ericsson Files for TV-Phone Patent

Mobile manufacturer Sony Ericsson has filed a patent application last week for
a wireless home communication system. The patent explains how the device could route phone calls through the TV set, in a similar way to an in car handsfree kit, and allow the user to keep his/her mobile phone in any room and make or receive calls through the TV set.

This could be useful for several reasons. First off, users tend to misplace their phones while at home and take a long time to find them or not hear them at all when they have an incoming call. Also, while watching TV, the user may not hear that their phone is ringing.

While how it works and why it's useful has been properly explained in the patent filing, it remains unclear whether Sony Ericsson intends to fit existing TV sets to work with the system or integrate handsfree kits into their own sets.

Also, thinking a little bit further into the future, it's really not hard to imagine the possibility of streaming audio and video from a Sony Ericsson handset to your home TV. For those that are interested, here's an extract from the patent: 'In one exemplary embodiment, the call signals may comprise call control signals, such as a received call notification at the mobile communication device. The mobile communication device routes the received call notification to the home theater device via a short-range wireless transceiver.'

'Responsive to the received call notification, the home theater device controls at least one of an audio output and a video output of the home theater device to notify the user of the incoming call. For example, the home theater device may display a video message and/or generate an audible ring tone responsive to the notification signal. As a result, the user receives notification of an incoming call even when the distance to the mobile communication device and/or the volume of the home theater device prevents the user from hearing the mobile communication device.'

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The Fake Real Phone Saga Continues..

Using the original design "conveniently", there are many fake phones being made and sold in Asia countries. In fact, we are able to find new fake phone model every week from the manufacturer website. Other than making their phones similar to Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and Motorola models, some of the retailers are also selling the fake phone with similar packaging. You might buy a phone by paying the Nokia price but got the fake Nokia at the end. Just look closely when you purchase suspicious cheap phone!

LG VX8600 chocolate phone? This phone has all the features you can find in the original LG chocolate phone. The flat buttons in front has the similar "Infrared Sensor" button to let you activate the button by just touching the sensor.

The company did a good job in MOTOKRZR K1 model, at least they make a difference by adding rainbow lighting effect at the side .. :)


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Sidekick ID, myFaves support to shore up Danger on T-Mobile

We've noticed that Hiptop users tend to be some of the most rabid, intensely loyal fans of their devices around; the reasons vary a bit from user to user, but the gist seems to be that Danger knows how to make products that simply work with minimal fuss. So yeah, to that end, good news: Danger and T-Mobile hear you guys, and the love is going to get a little stronger this year. First up, myFaves support is going to get pushed to Sidekick 3 owners over-the-air -- as all Sidekick updates tend to come -- adding a critical feature out of T-Mobile's playbook to its most popular exclusive device. Oh, and the Danger options in T-Mobile's lineup are going to get a little more extensive, too (read: two devices instead of one). We knew there was a low-end Hiptop of some sort gettin' baked by California's funkiest mobile platform folks, but the smart money always said it'd be called something a little more interesting than "PV150," Sharp's model number for the new piece. We now have that name, at least in T-Mobile nomenclature: "Sidekick ID." Besides being myFaves compatible, the new model will lack EDGE and a cam to keep pricing low -- like "$99.99 after $50 rebate" low. Not bad, Danger; not bad at all. Just add a high-end Sidekick with support for T-Mobile's odd brand of 3G and you'll have a little something for everyone.

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Ubiquam U520 Dual-Mode Handset

GSM is the most frequently used mobile standard in the world, while in some countries(like the US) two standards are available, GSM and CDMA. Depending on which carrier you choose, like Spint and Verzon
Wireless for CDMA or At&t and T-Mobile for GSM, you'll have to get an appropriate phone, with the vast majority of phones only working on one of the two standards.

Russian mobile operator Skylink has teamed up with Korean mobile phone manufacturer Ubiquam in order to put an end to this and provide the U520, a handset that works on both standards.

The U520 is a dual mode CDMA 450 and GSM 900/1800 mobile phone that will work on both CDMA 2000/1x/EV-DO and GSM/GPRS 900/1800 Mhz networks.

As for download/upload speeds, on CDMA EV-DO the phone will support up to 2.4 data transfer while on GSM in addition to the regular voice calls it will provide as little as up to 80kbps GPRS data transfer. Nevertheless, something is better than nothing at all, especially when at least in the US you can pretty much use the phone with any wireless carrier and switch between them whenever needed.

Other features of the Ubiquam U520 include a 2 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, 1/9 inch 262k color screen, a card slot for memory expansion, media player with support for MP3 and MPEG 4 files USB and Bluetooth for connectivity. The handset measures 110 x 49 x 11.3, weighs about 81.7 grams and doesn't look bad at all. There is no info regarding price or availability although since it’s dual-mode it's bound to work practically everywhere.


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