Segunda-feira, 30 de Julho de 2007

Nokia N95 latest review finally here!

Yip I finally done it, click here to check it out
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Domingo, 22 de Julho de 2007

Palm Treo 755p Arriving at Verizon Wireless

Palm Treo 700p users would be happy to see the upcoming Treo 755p on the Verizon Wireless network. Engadget has been sent some leaked photos. Don't expect to have any changes on the VZW branded Treo 755p, Palm is trying to keep 700p happy by offering an antenna-less version. No words on the released date, we will keep an eye on it.




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Samsung B750 cellphone with video editing functions

070719_ucc_view1.jpg Samsung has announced its new cellphone with video features codenamed SCH-B750. It seems that this will be a Korean-only release, so the rest of the world will just have to wait and be amazed with the device.

The best thing about the cellphone are the video editing functions, it provides simple but useful tasks like adding text, background music, or even cut the video. In the end you can upload the content to a video sharing website, like the famous YouTube, or Pandora.

The new Samsung cellphone offers the opportunity to record videos with two settings, either a small 320x240 pixels, or a bigger 325x288 pixels. It is capable of recording the videos with the basic format which is MPEG4. The price tag for the SCH-B750 is $650 and it will be available in 3 colors: black, white and red.

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iPhone Nano Before Holidays? (Again)

It sounds crazy, so soon after launch, but the iPhone nano could be coming out before Xmas. Kasper at Apple Insider claims:
• "The second iteration of the handset is presumed to marry iPod functionality with rudimentary cellular capabilities."
•"More resource-heavy internet browsing and email capabilities are not expected of the device."
•"Pricing of the new handset is expected to fall significantly below the $500+ asking cost of today's iPhone models, these sources say, but not so much so as to pinch sales of an upcoming revision to the iPod nano."
He also makes reference to the same clickwheel dialpad patent JP Morgan did in their statement and retraction. apple-iphone-simple.jpg
Why isn't this filed under the Department of Duh? Kasper's track record has been better than good lately, and when he quotes extremely reputable sources, he's not screwing around. (Last time he was this adamant, if my memory serves me right, it was in reference to the iPod HiFi.) Kind of makes sense if Apple wants to hit those market share targets. Like with the full-sized and nano iPod, there's always a bigger market for lower end gear.

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Cect K898 Slider Phone Twist Like Camcorder

Works like the Nokia NSeries camcorder phone, the Cect K898 is in sliding form factor instead but has a twistable camera module as well. Other than the main camera, a secondary camera for video calls is available when the movable camera is placed in its original position.



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LG's Trax Phone

Although AT&T hasn't officially launched the LG Trax, the 3G musicphone, sure enough there it was on display tonight at LG's holiday showcase at Christie's Auction House in Manhattan. There were no press photos, so luckily I snapped a few shots.
TRAX by LG - With the TRAX™ 3G music phone consumers can keep the beat of their active lifestyle and easily change their tune while listening to music wherever they go. It's today's hottest phone with all of the coolest capabilities -- send pictures or share video clips, listen to music in stereo on the Bluetooth® headset and stay completely connected with the latest in mobile messaging. Go ahead, sing a song, TRAX™ offers everything for eyes and ears to enjoy! Available in July.

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Samsung SGH-C450 Basic Phone


Samsung C450 outfitted in two-tone color, and featuring a flex-touch wave-pattern keypad. At 14.9 mm, the handset is thinner than others in its class, keeping a slim, modular line throughout. Designed for simplicity, style and a price that doesn’t hurt the pocketbook.


  • Dual-band (900/1800 MHz) / GPRS Class 10
  • Dimensions: 103.5 x 44.5 x 14.9 mm, 72g
  • Battery: Battery time (800mAh)
  • Talktime Talk Time: Up to 200 Minutes
  • Standby Standby Time: Up to 3 Hours
  • Display: 65536 Color CSTN Screen (128x128, 1.52”)
  • Camera VGA Camera
  • Audio 16 Poly ringtone
  • Other Features Speakerphone
  • FM Radio
  • Mobile Tracker
  • WAP 2.0
  • End-user memory 2MB

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Toshiba to Launch World's Highest Performance 3D Graphics LSI for Mobile Phoness

Toshiba Corporation today announced a dedicated 3D graphics LSI that will add previously unseen levels of realism and excitement to games played on mobile phones. The new LSI, "TC35711XBG", can render 100 mega-polygons*1 a second, a performance that far surpasses that of current handheld game consoles. Samples of the new graphics LSI will be available from October.

Mobile phones now integrate larger, higher resolution displays, high spec baseband processors, and increasingly advanced system LSI, shaping an environment increasingly able to support complex software and games. However, the performance of graphics LSI has lagged that of overall system development, and current chips render images at only a few millions of polygons a second. This low level performance has held back development of complex games for mobile phones, add the porting to mobile phones of games developed for other platforms. 

Toshiba's new chip integrates a new developed 3D graphics processor that achieves 38 times*2 the performance of existing products. Its extremely advanced capabilities open the way to further development of software applications of mobile phones.

The new chip is also compatible with programmable shader*3, and its advanced rendering capabilities will bring realistic shading and reflectivity to mobile phones for the first time.

Alongside the new 3D graphics processor, the new LSI also integrates Toshiba's "Media Embedded Processor" (MeP) to handle sound, a host processor, a WVGA LCD controller for wide-screen displays, and brings all the essential components of a game console onto a single chip dedicated to enhancing mobile phone game performance..:Related stories:.
+ ATI and Nokia announce strategic relationship to enable new mobile multimedia experiences
+ NVIDIA GoForce 5500 Brings the World of Digital Entertainment to Mobile Phones
+ ARM Reveals 1GHz Mobile Phone Processors
+ Nokia N95 Brings Console Quality Gaming to Symbian World

With the launch of the high performance TC35711XBG, Toshiba will contribute to further development in games for mobile phones, while reinforcing its position as a technology and market leader in advanced LSI.

*1 In terms of pixels, it can render 800 mega-pixels a second. *2 Compared with Toshiba's existing product, TC35296XBG, which offers a high performance of 2.6 mega-polygons a second. *3 The latest programmable technology for 3D graphics which brings realistic

Key Features
A performance of 100 mega-polygon a sec. is 38 times faster than that of previous products, due to the development of the new high performance 3D graphics processor.
Integration of three processors: the new 3D graphics processor, plus Toshiba's MeP for processing sound, and the ARM1176JZF-S, a high performance processor core.
Compliant with programmable shading for 3D graphics. Supports generation of realistic graphics, with shade and reflectivity.
Integrates WVGA LCD controller that supports high resolution display.

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Samsung Unveiled G600 5 Megapixel Camera Phone

Samsung G600's official photo is now available. The G600 is a 5 megapixel camera phone which has FM radio receiver, microSD card slot, FM Radio, bluetooth and USB port. Built in slider form factor, it will be launched for Europe and there isn't any plan for US yet.





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Samsung: Let’s turn your clamshell into joystick !

When it comes to the user interface and playability of games on mobile phones, so far no one’s got it right. The screens are too small as are operation/navigation keys, the games are slow, the graphics primitive. Still, looks like gaming on the mobile phones is here to stay and every cellphone maker is trying something to make it better.

Sony Ericsson is looking into PSP phone, Nokia is beefing up it’s N-Gage mobile gaming platform and readying the new gaming phones like Nokia N81, LG thinks about dual touchscreen phones with interesting gaming applications.

Samsung isn’t sitting still either. It’s recent patent application called Joystick apparatus for mobile terminal describes an interesting approach to the controls of mobile games on the phone:



No more inconveniently placed keys for game operation, no more tiny pop-up joysticks that you can barely place a finger on. Just take the lower part of the clamshell phone and turn it into a joystick.

The implementation itself is pretty complex and uses clever engineering, multiple magnets and Hall effect integrated circuits to capture 3D movements of a joystick and turn them into the game control signals. (You’ll have to read the patent application for more details).

But the idea itself is pretty simple and neat. And while a joystick on your Samsung gaming clamshell may not be suitable for all the games, for some of them, like racing or first person shooters it might be just perfect.



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