Quinta-feira, 20 de Dezembro de 2007


Although we are phone freak creatures, the PhoneReport CNM team also deserves some rest.
We will be back next year by the 10th, equipped with latest news, more home made videos and a new laptop to post news on.
I hope you enjoyed this year's news, it was a definite exciting year for the phone industry, all the releases and future announcements, and there will be more next year if God wills.
Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for everyone!
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Sábado, 15 de Dezembro de 2007

New logo for Phone Report

I've been thinking of a logo for PhoneReport and I'm just out of creativity, not that I know much of flash anyway. I came up with a simple logo, but of course I will replace the phones with new stylish ones:

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Quarta-feira, 12 de Dezembro de 2007

AutoRotation Channels Media service

You might have seen here that Channels Media Service by Nokia Labs supports auto rotation 4 ways in N95s and other phones, but here is the official description of the application:

Through Channels, international and local branded publishers provide daily news, sports and entertainment optimized for mobile. You may access your favorite publications via WiFi or GSM, and read either online or offline.

Channels is the new version of the existing Kanavat service that has been piloted in Finland since late 2005. This new international service provides significant improvements to the user interface, makes the content catalogue global and adds on pleasant advertising experience - so that you can enjoy the service for FREE.

The service is very easy to take into use. No registration needed.


Download here

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Nokia PC Phone - Use your mobile via your PC web browser!

Nokia PC Phone is an experimental service that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your Web Browser.

You can call, text and manage contacts from your phone.

You can communicate by using Nokia PC Phone with your friends and family even though they don't have the Nokia PC Phone themselves. Your friends are not able to tell the difference whether you are using the Nokia PC Phone or not, because your calls and text messages are actually made from your own Nokia phone.



Download here

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New Symbian Signed process

The layout at Symbian Signed has changed a bit, if you want the same old signing link, just press Open Signed, but here's an explanation from the website itself:

  • Open Signed, has updated and replaced Developer Certificate signing, making it easy for developers to sign applications for limited deployment to known devices, either for testing or for personal use. The online-only option is coming soon.
  • Express Signed, a new option similar to Self Certification, is available to all developers, either directly (for those who own a Publisher ID), or via publisher partners (for those who do not).
  • Certified Signed, has updated and replaced the mainstream signing option based on independent testing by a Symbian accredited Test House.
  • TCTrustCenter, www.trustcenter.de/order/publisherid/dev, is the Certificate Authority for Symbian Signed, responsible for issuing and validating Publisher ID digital certificates (but existing ACS Publisher Certificates issued by VeriSign will remain valid for Open Signed and Certified Signed).
And there is also a sign on mobile system:


What's New(
1.Auto change language
2.Save paths is available
Support signature with password

Just now this has updated again~
Fix:add the translation of "password" of other languages (author's carelessness)

Widen the height of frame of "password"
Enter longer password is available~

1.install it.
2.run it,press ok button,select sis file.
3.select *.key & *.cer.(
v1.01 has supported enter of password.)
4.sign it.(the signed file will be named as *.sisX,and sisx is the same folder as sis)
enjoy signing on your phone without computer
Some Problems may be meet with while using:
1.Only support DSA signature ,& RSA signature is unavailable.
2.The formats of cer & key must be the PEM base64.
3.Once occured error when browsing files.
4.The app wouldn't check the cer,thus you should make sure that it's correct.
5.If it says "KErrArgument(-6)",please check whether the password is right or not.

I heard it can extend signature to 20 years!

Download the program here
Password: phonereport.info
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Terça-feira, 11 de Dezembro de 2007

4-way N95 motion sensor accelerometer (Accelerinvaders0.4, Channels Beta)

I posted a new video demonstrating what the N95's accelerometer or motion sensor can do.

I forgot to show in the previous video the latest version of Accelerinvaders 0.4 by Luis Valente, so I posted it here, both landscape and portrait are possible, there is auto shooting, a little red guy on the top, and it is real cool. You can download it here, the password is "phonereport.info" without the "


Channels by Nokia Beta Labs retrieves information from news channels such as EuroNews, Al-Jazeera and presents it in very clean and neat categories, and it has 4-way auto-rotation.
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Segunda-feira, 10 de Dezembro de 2007

Nokia World 2007

After some reading and listening to Podcasts, I think it is time to say something about Nokia's greatest fair of the year.

Of course lot bloggers happily went to Amsterdam to check out the new deals, but I never got a (sponsored) invite, I guess we aren't that big yet.

From what I hear from the guys at various Symbian blogs, there is little information about Ovi, but even from Nokia's press releases, I can smell that it is going to change the meaning of multimedia in smartphones, something very exciting, sharing videos, music and photos on the internet, on computers and phones, it's like a social networking website with all simplicity and all tools at your hand.

As I said in my latest review (Nokia 5310), S40 are coming very close to S60. Today there is little difference between them, they got the same basic UI, but S40 still lacks of advanced multitasking (only the music player minimizes), and there is no support for many programs and platforms.

Many of us do agree that S40 has a stable OS, not buggy, the phones themselves have a good built, and it's ready to be used, while on S60 we have to install programs here are there, and even though they have everything, on S40 they are altogether.

Another great news was the Comes with Music sign on N81, etc. This is definitely good for artists, as there will be less copyright breaking. Obviously Universal won't leave artists empty handed, and Universal themselves must have profited from the deal. A good thing is DRM, although it can be broken easily, most end-users don't have the knowledge or time to do it, so people will start owning music legally. Of course this won't stop piracy at all as the rest of the people will illegally download music, but it should reduce it, even minimally.
People won't bother as much to transfer music from their computers to music players, etc, but it can make a slight disadvantage as there will be something there that won't work, the same happens with Symbian installation files, you cannot send them from phones. Most people might not care as long as they have the music. Of course Apple will need to protect themselves or the sales of iPods will drop drastically, but seriously, what is the use of an iPof anyways, besides the internal hard drive?

Another news is the form factor, N82 is back to candy bar, and I don't really like it. I do like exotic designs, as long as companies don't overdo it, like the N93, which is a marvellous shaped phone, I don't prefer candy bars, but don't have anything against it.

Before I finish, I would like to comment on internal hard drives or memory cards. I think we definitely need a good solid hard drive which is fast and has a few GB of storage, but we also need a removable memory card, we could have one memory card with music, the other for video capture, etc, I think removable memory is always helpful.

Finally, what future S60s should have...From the All About Symbian podcast, I heard some bloggers suggesting better resolution, better build quality, dedicated camera buttons for macros, etc, and Darla Mack even implied that new phones shouldn't be downgraded to a 2 megapixel camera, which I totally agree. But what I think is really important on phones is battery, if we don't have those fuel cell batteries soon, I think our phones won't last long with all the functionality, even though we come from black and white call and sms phones to 5 megapixel 8GB GPS phones, this is not real battery life.

Please feel free to share your views.
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Another PSP Phone

These PSP Phones concepts are starting to coming, but luckily not as fast as those iPhone concepts used to be posted.

This time someone at Esato drew up a pretty good concept of what a PSP Phone could be, dual slider N95 type, but has a video game console look, it would totally suit if the device was launched.

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Control your Sony Ericsson phone with the hand gestures

As usual, mobile phone companies come up with great patents that we never see implemented, so this time Sony Ericsson comes up with a software to use the camera to the maximum...to recognize patters and human movements, quite crazy but I've seen it being implemented for disabled people. This is how the world will end up lazy...or maybe it will encourage us to work and improve the technology, I don't know...

As you can see, you should be able to customize gestures and actions. Example:
If you lift your finger, the Email would be synchronized, if you turn your fingers, the volume would go up, etc.

At Unwired View they even proposed awesome events as if answering a phone on loudspeaker from a distance, controlling TV and other appliances, shooting a group photos, etc.

We must also look at the other factors, I mean you wouldn't want to dry up the battery in half an hour would you? Those darn fuel cells are taking way too long...

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Nokia Eco Sensor Concept

Nokia gladly joined the trend of saving the world and human beings, although it's just a concept, this phone with a wearable sensor senses and analyzes your environment, health, and local weather conditions.

You can wear it in your wrist or your neck (yeah right I can image people walking around with a neck-sensor), this sensor will get it's energy from solar power and transmit to the phone with Near-Field Communications and RFID.

You can personalize the sensor, include a heart monitor and motion detector,

We leave you with some Nokia links for further info:

Printed electronics
Reclaimed materials
Display screens
Alternative energy sources
Environmental monitoring
Personal health
Weather monitoring

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