Quinta-feira, 31 de Janeiro de 2008

ShakeSMS, ShakeMe and LoudUp?

This is a race or a war if you will between two great developers, one of them is Tong Ren, which has come up with Flip Silent, and now we see ShakeSMS, which seems like quite a good concept, because I rather do a simple movement with my hand to check SMS rather then actually unlocking or sliding the phone up.

On Samir's side we have seen RotateMe, Nokmote, Shutup (a bit late with reduced functionality compared to FlipSilent), and now we wonder what LoudMe and ShakeMe is.

According to p@sco from jaspp.net, LoudMe will allow you to answer a call in loudspeaker mode, which can be useful if you are in a car, like Bery from Symbian Web Blog said, or if you just want to show off with your friends!

Now about ShakeMe we are a bit sceptical, as it could be the same function that Sony Ericsson phones have on the music section, such as the W910i Shake, which shakes and shuffles all songs, or changes tracks when you do a determined movement. It could also be an SMS viewing application, exactly like ShakeSMS, or it could even be to answer calls, there is unlimited possiblities.
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Sony Ericsson's best phone only for Japan

This is quite sad for us and for Sony Ericsson as well, if they want real competition against phones like N95, K850i isn't the solution, but this W61S could be the right answer!

The N95 8GB does have a wonderful 2.8" display, but the wrong resolution, while the Sony Ericsson counterpart boasts an awesome WVGA 480×800 like the Nokia E90. Besides having a great resolution, it includes a Sony Bravia TV technology called "Reality MAX", again Sony making use of their knowledge on other fields of technology, we did see this previously with their Walkman series, and we hope to see their displays tweaked in this way as well.
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Quarta-feira, 30 de Janeiro de 2008

Moderator of A2Jsoft forum???

Today I was doing my usual browsing through the numerous forums and blogs that I know of, and suddenly I notice something that was a bit weird...While browsing through Asier's forum, A2J, I saw that I was added to the moderator list (well there's only four of us), and I didn't even receive a PM about it, or even requested/applied for it. I don't know if it's a mistake or Asier felt generous towards my work there, which is quite minimal.

Whichever way you take it, I'm always here to help people when it concerns to mobile phones and computers, and it's truly great that people actually give you credit.

If you are still clueless of who Asier is, he developed NiiMe, that one program which is competition for our mouses and touchpads

You can download NiiMe here, at A2Jsoft website.
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Terça-feira, 29 de Janeiro de 2008

Customize the external appearance of your phone....with e-ink!

Those were the days that I saved 5 euros to buy a fake cover for my Nokia 3330 at the local flea market...Nowadays you download them!

Wallpapers are no news for mobile phones, and it is no news to insert a background or customize the look and feel or the theme, especially with the appearance of clamshell phones with external screens.

Hitachi decided to truly make use of this feature on their mobile phones. Although they are only available in Japan, I assume the trend will catch on.

The Hitachi W61H has a massive 2.7 inch external display called “Silhouette screen”, and this is a e-ink screen, not LCD. It gives a feel of paper, and it can only be show in black and white, you can read more about the technology here.

SOURCE: Unwired View
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Fuel Cell Liquid Phone

Just yesterday I posted an article about fluids inside cellphones, but this one is much different.

NEC has created a cellphone that works with fuel cell battery, so when the liquid starts to fade away, it means you are low on battery. This in one way is a great step for the mobile industry, we have been hearing about fuel cells for years, but we never seen a big company come with a concrete prototype.

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Segunda-feira, 28 de Janeiro de 2008

Samsung smartphone with 5mpx and Windows Mobile 6.1

This seems like a direct hit to Nokia N95 8GB, as in one perspective, it does outline it.

With 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity, Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, 3.5″ 240×400 px touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, integrated GPS and FM Radio, TV out, 8GB of Flash memory, 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery, it definitely leaves the competition behind.

Little details like video capture quality, accelerometer implementatio, 3.5mm port are still not confirmed, but Samsung will announce it in Barcelona, for 3GSM.

It will only be available officially in September this year, which is quite disappointing, as the competition will have come up with something better.

Bellow is only a photoshop of the actual beauty, you can catch the real picture after the jump.

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Less is More with rollable phone from Motorola

The design or the concept isn't new at all, but we still haven't seen any real prototype yet.

This is more looks than functionality, I really don't think you will be able to cram many features on a phone that is twisted and stretched like that.

The problem on this is that it's very elastic, there is no hard component into it, and if there is, there will be a risk of seriously damaging it.

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Online gaming, Opera web browsing possible thanks to WiMax device

POSBRO and Opera have joined forced to create the first online-gaming-through-WiMax device.

Opera 9 will be the web browser used, and since WiMax can hit speeds over 70mbps depending on network speeds, browsing will be lightning fast.

The device will feature a 4 inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and you can use it as a WiMax modem on a PC.

The G100 has a slide form, when pushing the slide down, it reveals PlayStation type gaming keys.

The device will be available in Korea, as the manufacturer has struck a deal with the network. As WiMax networks evolve, we will probably see more devices alike.

SOURCE: Slashphone
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Sábado, 26 de Janeiro de 2008

Nokia N95-1 v21 firmware with Youtube support

Really strange that Nokia is releasing minor updates like this, last week it was the N82 and now it's the Nokia N95-1.

I guess it wasn't fair that the N95-3 had flashlite 3 support, so they also included it for the ones who had the original N95.

It isn't released yet, but we managed to get a sneak peak thanks to TheNokiaBlog.
It seems that it is only available for developers, but I hope that the update includes accelerometer plugin and not just flashlite.

SOURCE: TheNokiaBlog
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Sexta-feira, 25 de Janeiro de 2008

Simple steps to N95 mouse motion

Asier has created a great program which we have seen in most blogs and forums.

NiiMe uses Python, Accelerometer and Bluetooth so that you can use your phone as a mouse by simply tilting it.

I have been struggling with it for the past days, but managed to come right thanks to some tips from sid on prodigits and some logic...

For the ones who still can't get it working, I created a very basic tutorial:

Step 1

Get Python on your computer. The tutorial is mainly intended for Vista as it was done on a notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit but I'm sure it can help in XP installations.
You can get Python from here. Install it, the latest build is 2.5.1 and has ctypes included.

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