Sexta-feira, 29 de Fevereiro de 2008

After Bravia TV, there is Viera TV

Panasonic showed-off their amazing new display, this time on a mobile phone. Boasting the LCD Artificial Intelligence technology, the display has 252k colours and 854 x 480-pixel resolution portrayed in 3.5 inches.

If that wasn't enough, there is 4000:1 contrast, I really don't know how they managed to do that, but it will be useful to enjoy the 30fps video playback it supports. Mobile TV streaming is available, which should be with DVB-h, unless Panasonic believes that Japan has a better technology than the one approved by the European Union. Yes, you heard me right: Japan. They are the only ones who will receive this technological feat. Lately all hardcore phones are only sent there, if you remember a Sony Ericsson that I posted about some time ago.

The phone is highly competitive on the other features, supporting HSDPA, an SDHC port, and a gigantic revolving swivel, but only a 2 megapixel camera, which should of high quality: it has autofocus and image stabiliser.

Source: IntoMobile, MSN Tech
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ìPhone software roadmap hits the cyber highway

The Apple iPhone SDK hasn't had any leaks so we haven't seen anything and don't know what to expect. Apple released their software roadmap, and the even is scheduled for 6th March, and it is confirmed in a email sent out by the company, that the SDK will (finally) be announced then.

I'm seriously wondering what these enterprise applications are, perhaps we can expect a full office package, containing applications that will make your computer feel useless. Besides this faith that we have in the office package, crucial business compatibility with Exchange and Outlook should be added to make the iPhone usable by major corporates.

Source: Engadget, AppleInsider
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Quinta-feira, 28 de Fevereiro de 2008

N82 in Black makes its (secret) debut

Not much fuss has been created by Nokia about this black diamond. I feel like we call every black smartphone a black diamond, but anyway...

The black N82 was leaked some time ago on some other Nokia official website, and I believe you will be able to get it as soon as next month. My source implied 2nd of April, but I can't believe it will be that late. Unfortunately I haven't found any black original housing for the N82 from my suppliers, and there is no tip or information on its release.

The pictures were provided by Maevro from Howard Forums, and according to him, there will be more of these soon.

Source: TheN82Blog via S60 info
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Get your cell phone to call your e-mail

f you had a Symbian OS7, you might remember a program which was used to read SMS as they came in, now E-Series have that possibility, but speech recognition and data transfer can keep you aware of your own life wherever you go, even if you don't want to...

The article that I read on IT Business was mostly related to video conferencing and how it helped companies, University students and even other type of colleagues to keep in touch with each other for professional reasons.

Amir Hameed, national sales director for application and software, Avaya Canada Corp. spoke at  the presentation of UC products and video conferencing tools from its partner Polycom Inc. in Toronto yesterday.

“For people who are driving the convenience of not having to scroll through a BlackBerry phone while navigating the roads is extremely useful,” he said.

This technology is mostly intended to business users, for example, those that prefer i-mates, or Nokia E-Series, or Sony Ericsson P series. Dictation should be made part of other phones as well, extremely necessary for drivers or in a circumstance where you can't look at your phone. It's these tiny details that phone manufacturers have to look at, and leave the advanced research for later, although we love new concepts.

Picture: Teach ICT
Source: IT Business
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Go swim with WP182 waterproof phone

Chinese market is really getting excited, although most phones are fake, almost all of them have a touchscreen,4 speakers, memory card slot, a great resolution, and the best part of it is the low price, they have even been incorporating Windows Mobile on them, although you can expect it to be fake licenses.

What I'm impressed with is the keypad, what I've seen till now has had holes between the keys, and to be waterproof I would think of a phone without holes, such as the music keys on the N95, but these guys managed to fit in normal keys, a touchcreen, and still keep everything operational under water.

Check the pictures and impress yourselves:

Source: Mobile 163 via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog
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Quarta-feira, 27 de Fevereiro de 2008

Nokia Morph explained in video form

Just a simple video, of which I didn't watch half of it due to cost of connection. I believe it explains what Morph is to the average Joe, and being more than 5 minutes long, it should be quite an elaborate explanation.

Source: Orangeman at MyADSL
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iPhone Firmware Updated To v1.1.4

We see a new firmware version, but still no Developer SDK, although this should be the missing step for the release, some Operating System codes changed to let the developer use the iPhone features, and who knows, maybe some new API released?

You can update your iPhone via the iTunes, and there is already a jailbreak compatible with this firmware version, so to users that do not use TurboSIM, do not worry, your saviour application is here.

Zibri's jailbreak is compatible with v1.1.4, although the developer of this jailbreak requests users to have a little patience so that he can tweak it to fully work with v1.1.4.

To get more information about this latest release, you should head over to TUAW.
The picture above isn't related to this firmware update, so don't catch a fright.

Picture: MyDigitalLife
Source: TUAW via SMS Text News
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Terça-feira, 26 de Fevereiro de 2008

Nokia’s fantastic four in Sydney - Australia

Picture: Hardware Zone

NOKIA unveiled some of its much-anticipated mobile phones, including the N96, the successor to the popular top-of-the-line N95 It also previewed three other feature-packed phones – the N78, 6220 Classic and 6120 Navigator.


At Showcase Nokia 2008, Nokia also announced it has updated its mapping and navigation software, Maps 2.0, by improving its pedestrian navigation, adding multimedia city guides, offering satellite images, and redesigning the user interface.

The pedestrian navigation feature or “Walk” will help users find their way when they are on foot by giving them visual turn-by-turn guide. It also helps you to locate yourself by giving information about the surrounding buildings, streets and parks.

In newer handsets, like the 6210 Navigator, it will point the direction in which you are walking by using the handset’s built-in compass for orientation.


Continue Reading

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Asus says Vrrroom with Lamborghini Phone

Asus phones aren't very famous and you rarely see them, there are only 21 of them, and most are dedicated to office work. Regardless of all that, the rumoured Asus ZX1 might make its ways closer to the shelves than we think.

The ZX1 will feature HSDPA, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and to power all that, a Qualcomm's 520 MHz CPU  bundled with a Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition, although that might be a Windows mobile 6.1 when the phone is released.

There are no imaging features leaked, and Asus doesn't have any good history on cameraphones, so you can expect nothing more than a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus.

The form factor is unpredictable, but sliders and candybars are in right now, Asus has tried sliders, clamshells and even candybars.

Picture: CyberSalt
Source: Unwired View, IntoMobile
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Nokia Location Tagger updated to 1.0 Beta2

Hello everyone. Recently we had an interview with Antony Pranata, and now we have a new version of Nokia Location Tagger.

I think Meraj will make a review later, but I will just let you know what's new in this version.

  • Support more devices. There were reports from the previous version that it does not work on many non-Nseries devices. This version should work on most S60 3rd Edition devices. Please let us know if it doesn’t work on your specific device/firmware. Note that you can use Nokia LD-4W if your device does not have built-in GPS module.
  • Improved usability. Many of you mentioned that GPS takes some time to lock and sometimes you miss the moment. There are two improvements in this version.
    • If there is no GPS signal when you capture a picture, it will be tagged with the last known good position in the last 1 hour. The previous version uses 10 minutes only.
    • If there is no last known good position in the last 1 hour, the picture will be put in a queue until timeout. You can set the timeout value from the Settings menu. If your device is able to lock the position before timeout, all pictures in the queue will be tagged with this new position.
  • Added “Show on map” feature. You can now select Options | Show on map menu from the Logs tab to show the location of the picture on Nokia Maps. This feature works only on S60 3rd FP1 devices with Nokia Maps installed, such as Nokia N95.
  • Many bug fixes. We have fixed a nasty bug that may drain your battery very fast in certain situations.

We have also created a new Flickr group for Nokia Location Tagger. If you have great pictures that you want to share with other users, feel free to join the group and share your pictures.

One more thing, as mentioned by Kevin from S60 Multimedia blog, location tagging will be integrated on Nokia N82 soon. Anyway, we will leave Nokia Location Tagger available at Beta Labs to support other devices."


Source- Nokia Beta Labs

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