Sábado, 29 de Março de 2008

Welcome to South African telecommunications!

For those of you that are not aware of the state of telecommunications here in South Africa, especially the foreign readers, here's a demonstration of the quality of the service that we are provided.

Many adverts and publicity that I've been seeing around, especially in Sky News, is contradictory to our level of technology, making it one step closer to being a 3rd World Country. Besides having one of the worst national operators that I've ever dealt with, there are constant power outages which make everyone's work difficult and almost impossible.

I wanted to share a website I recently accessed, the webmaster, Michael Fletcher expresses his anger and opinions on Telkom South Africa. The website is not suitable for work environments.

Visit F**k You Telkom

Source: w1z4rd at MyBroadband forums
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Sexta-feira, 28 de Março de 2008

Analysis to the Motorola SpinOff

Some days ago Motorola announced a SpinOff, in this case a separation of Motorola in two companies.

It is known that Motorola was preparing an operation like this some 2 months ago, but just now we had the official announcement. A SpinOff is always taken well by the investors, mainly because it will create 2 companies focused in their products, that normally aren't competitors, which means that we can have a Motorola more focused in the mobile markets and more directed against its rivals, such as Nokia and Samsung.

But, that was what happened in 26th March. We saw a huge gap up (an opening superior than the last close), on which the stock plunged from 9,71$ to 10,30$.  But, in the afternoon the major analysts came with their reviews, and investors noticed that the spin off could not just generate 2 companies, but three or more.
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Nokia E52 (Photoshop fake)

To the average user it might look real, and in a smaller resolution it might even deceive a mobile phone blogger, but a simple inspection can point out the mistakes here.

The keypad for once is really too big, you don't find those in any Nokia slider, and even if you did, the way it fits the image doesn't make sense somehow. Another little detail was the top of the front panel slider, which is too rounded and the shades don't look realistic. Nevertheless it was a great try, and if we played along, it would make a good gossip.

Source: NokiaPort via IntoMobile
published by Meraj Chhaya às 22:38
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Cuba allows cellphones, welcome to all Cubans to our world

Raul Castro must've stopped smoking those contaminated cigars, as he lifted the ban on cellphones, something quite awkward one must say. I know that many Muslim countries ban MMS due to pornography, but banning cellular phones in general is an extreme measure.
The Cuban communist government  previously only allowed foreigners or employees of the government to possess mobile phones, so others Cubans had to get their certificates signed by foreigners in order to purchase a phone.

"In the next days the public will be informed of the procedures for changes of title for Cuban citizens who to date have acquired cell phones indirectly, and the initiation of new contracts for interested Cubans," said a statement by the State operator ETECSA.

Picture: Corbis
Source: Yahoo/AFP via News24
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Motorola shows their DVB-h-touchscreen-cellphone device

Motorola also wants to join in the touchscreens war, so they joined in by adding the feature to their new DVB-h device DH02. Besides that, the device also some capabilites as a mobile phone, such as HSDPA and GPRS.

The looks of the DH02 leaves us wondering whether this is a mobile phone or a just a DVB-h device, because you cannot make voice calls, only use data and SMS. The press images aren't polished either, so again we wonder what happened to the legendary external appearance department at Motorola.
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Quinta-feira, 27 de Março de 2008

New NSeries in the making?

This is truly for us to guess, as we have no clue whatsoever what the new device compromises of, but according to Cybette at her Jaiku, she received a prototype, and she is so excited about it, that she actually told (or teased) us.
If you guys didn't know, Cybette, or Carol Chen is the Senior Integration Engineer at Nokia, so the last thing this should be is a fake rumour. Carol wrote that "it's NXX on the spec sheet in front of me and N00 on the proto" which tells us that it cannot be a N96, but a new unreleased model.

Most of us wondered if it was a Touch UI device, which wasn't fully answered, but the tip makes me believe that it is the new generation of S60 phones. "as for touch, it's a touchy subject, so i will not touch it," wrote Carol.

What we can really do is only speculate...

Picture: Nokia
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In this website we talk about cell phones, lots of cell phones, and lots of reviews. but, at now we don't have any way to sell them or to have an OnlineStore. Even if we had it we certanly couldn't get such low prices as iMobilePlaza.

In fact, they are very known in the Internet world since their establishment in 2005 from Jakarta, Indonesia. Having all the phone types, since nokia to Vertu, the most known through the less. But always with low prices. At imobileplaza are all unlocked mobile phones and with original brand.

For example, an Apple iphone 16 GB is just 519$ or a Nokia N95 8 GB is 551$. as you can see they are leader in the online mobile phones store and leaders on selling iPhone Mobiles. On your purchases you are secured by instant SSL and thawte, so you don't need to have afraid, but if you steel with doubts check their Privacy Policy. Check their store here:


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Segunda-feira, 24 de Março de 2008

Vulcan GMS

Today, I am here to talk about a company that is in focus in relation to components for the industry. They provide equipment to security, military, aerospace and other industries. So they acompain all the evolution we are having, and all this technological boom offering metal and mold products to this activity sectors, having a complet and big research team.

As we all know this company, I will not say anything about the rest of the atributes, but let me show to you some products made by them. Vulcan GMs is known internacionally by their Tungsten Products from their factory in China, and also their Lead products, having them in large stock quantity.

Vulcan GMS is focusing nowadays their activity in nuclear shielding, nuclear waste transport and nuclear material transport. They have also being providing for more than 30 years custom lead radiation shielding. As they develop all this activity, they are responsable for lead substitutes and lead-lined cabinets.

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Nokia Comes with music gets EMI to sign up

EMI is reportedly interested in Nokia's "Comes with music" service which offers unlimited music downloads for one year on selected devices. The service is already operational with the Universal Music Group International, and is soon to be available with more international record labels.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:35
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Domingo, 23 de Março de 2008

Cellphone camera as a microscope

The already famous telescope for mobile phones, which is used as an optical zoom module, was the probable inspiration for this microscope attachment.

Created by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, the device provides 60x optical zoom, but one thing that might affect it is the flash of most mobile phones, sometimes it will not switch off as the phone uses it for autofocus. In video mode the microscope should work properly.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:23
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