Domingo, 20 de Abril de 2008

PHD Works

We all know the troubles we have to find articles, to short them and to try not to copy anything that isn't made by us. Because we always need to respect  copyrights from the documents.  As I was saying, on those kind of works we have to solutions, we make a "past and copy" from the Internet, or we simply make all the stressing work to search on the net, an I can grant you, with this second option, even a B would be difficult to reach.

This is just my opinion, from a guy that doesn't likes to much group work. But, this can change with PHD Works. They are specialized on Custom written papers, so that students can have half of the work done by professionals, mainly the research and investigation work.

This custom paper service is able for all student levels, and if you don't like the service you can have your money back in few days. You don't have nothing to lose, but to win, to win time. And time is money, as you might know. Why not apply this custom papers? If you have an A+ do not forget to tell us!
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Domingo, 13 de Abril de 2008

CRM Software

Today I am here to talk about one CRM software, but not equal to all those we have actually here in Portugal. This one, named AIMpromote is better because it gets rid of all the confusion we have with complex systems.

I can tell you, when I went to their website the first thing I looked was to the design, it is poor an non Web 2.0, what is essential in the days of today. I would also recommend a flash website to them. But when I started simply reading about their lead management software I forgot about the design and I became more focused on what was written, because that is what matters in a case like this.

In a few words their system is applicable to all business, even those technological ones. They offer the best and easiest ways to control sales and leads for example, from a social website, I am thinking in "Second Life", because I know there a big process behind the game.
Their lead management ways is applicable to everything, even your own mobile phone store, online or not.

You can check their FAQ and the tutorials of the software, and if you don't understand something, don't worry, they will help you. As they said, they have a good customer relationship, because they also use their own software.

As I was saying the software not only controls sales and leads, but also have a customer relationship management function.

What else we can want?
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Segunda-feira, 7 de Abril de 2008

Shopping Cart Software by Ashop

If you have read one of the last posts you will know that it might be possible a transition to the Ashop ecommerce software by us. They have simple desing and lots of templates. It is the best personalisable store at the market, but also the with the best control pannel.

Ashop is focused in market niches, and in some countries, specially, United Kingdom, United States and Australia, but this countries are mainly those they want for the shopping, because the Shopping cart software owner is better protected with specific rules from their countries.

Our store at Ashop grants all in one proteccion, but the best thing is the design of the store. First the Logo says from the beginning they have creativity, and secoud because they don't offer just templates, they give us all the ability to make our own design of the store starting from a model, and they give us flash buttons and flash software to the store. Making a store with a good design is half road walked. Your clients shopping cart will certanly be the most beautiful of the world.
A friend of mine, from "Analise de Bolsa", yes, the stock market forum, uses this software, and when we search for a simple product that he sells at google, we have his online shop in the first page of google.
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Ashop Commerce

In the past week I talked with Meraj about the idea of buiding an online store about mobile phones and covers from them. The first thing we made was to find a free store, those stores we can find at "fantastico" of the host provider. But we easlyunderstant that those free ones weren't Search Engine Optimization friendly and we couldn't easly grant security in the purchases.

Yesterday, while searching the net for a better store, we found Ashop Commerce. They have an ecommerce software very advanced and the support is the better. Of course, the stores are totally optimized for search engines, and easly you can be in the first page from google searches.

As they offer a free 10 day demo of the software, with no compromise, because we don't give our credit card number, we tryed to use the shopping cart and made an experience like the user would make if he would buy at the store, and with that I can grant you, we will stay with Ashop Commerce, after developing better our project at

With the Shopping cart software it is easy and affordable to make shopping with few clicks.
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Sexta-feira, 4 de Abril de 2008

Phones hit the road with Garmin Nuviphone

Garmin joined the mobile market in another perspective, by launching a mobile phone which is mostly a GPS than anything else. Such a phone would be mostly useful as a carphone.

The Garmin Nuviphone has the following features:
published by Meraj Chhaya às 18:43
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Nokia buys steroids, releases v200 firmware for E90

There is a strong possibility that Nokia's team has drank Redbull in excess. Thursday, Steve Litchfield caught a fault in Nokia Software Update site, it appeared that v200.34.72 firmware was available, from the previous v7.40.12 firmware.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 18:22
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Sony Ericsson P5i - rumour or true smartphone?

The long-rumoured Sony Ericsson smartphone might be here sooner than expected. After a photoshop image trying to sketch the phone, now we can see something maybe more real, or maybe it's another photoshopped image.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 17:18
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Panasonic to add plasma displays to mobile phones

From LCD to OLED, now it's plasma's turn. Panasonic surely makes the best plasma TVs in the world, even I own one. To see a display with great contrast and resolution on a mobile phone is something we certainly need nowadays, and it would be a great addition to the upcoming touchscreen-enable cellphones, that of course, if it is possible to enable touchscreen-plasma displays.

published by Meraj Chhaya às 16:20
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35 years since the first phone call

Motorola invented the first truly mobile cellular phone, but it was Martin Cooper, general manager of Motorola’s Communications Systems Division, who made the first cellular phone call.
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Quinta-feira, 3 de Abril de 2008

Videocon to buy Motorola's Phone Business?

Well, we have news everywhere about India's companies trying to buy this and that. The lastest one was Tata Motors acquiring Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.

But this one, is different. You may ask why...but it is simple to answer: Motorola was separating the mobile phones' business from the big company making a Spin-off. But as I have said to you, a spin-off is always seen with good eyes from the stock holders, but when comes the reports from the best analysts we can have a better dimension of what could be happening and if it would be good or not. As we saw from my last post, this Spin-Off could be a complete disaster.

But today, a company that I have never heard before, named Videocon, is intended to buy Motorola's phone business. Now, this is better than a spin-off, this is better than anything (at least for the stock holders), because it makes the market move, and UP (for the two companies)

But, when Motorola said that they weren't interested in "this", the vitality of this session isn't being too good to Motorola. But in the other hand Videocon was bumping on the last Indian session.

You can see a nice report of Videocon right here, and quotes from Motorola here.

Here is the graph from today, just to show that the market isn't too interested in these things, at this time. Anyway, we might not have yet reached the climax (just maybe......)

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