Quinta-feira, 3 de Abril de 2008

Nokia tackles the music market with one more Music Store

Offering local based online shop is a good initiative, when you consider that you can download any local and international track on the move, and Nokia is making use of that at it fullest, with the launch of the new Nokia Music Store of Ireland.

Nokia is providing over 2,5 million tracks from both Irish and International artists, but the prices seem quite strange, and maybe exaggerated: 1 Euro for each individual track, and 10 Euros for a monthly subscription fee for music streaming to PC. With these kinds of prices, more people will opt for illegal P2P downloads or the Apple iTunes music store.
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Segunda-feira, 24 de Março de 2008

Nokia Comes with music gets EMI to sign up

EMI is reportedly interested in Nokia's "Comes with music" service which offers unlimited music downloads for one year on selected devices. The service is already operational with the Universal Music Group International, and is soon to be available with more international record labels.
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Domingo, 23 de Março de 2008

Smartphones will be conquer a third of the mobile market by 2013

This is what the analysts from ABI projects predict, from the current 10% share in the mobile phone industry, smartphones will occupy a hefty 31% in the market.

Smartphones have been a synonym for convergence, and manufacturers use them as their flagship phones in order to show-off their latest innovations in technology. The three top smartphone Operating System suppliers are Symbian, Windows Mobile, and RIM.
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Sábado, 15 de Março de 2008

Touchscreens are the future

Ads by VADpay

Not really a big news to anyone, but we haven't noticed that we actually achieving a new standard.
The change from a black and white screen to colour LCD was quite an important change in mobile phone history, and now it's the touchscreens as input methods.

From Navi-wheels to touchpads, and to multi-touch screens, the future is surely touch and feel.

"Catalyzed by Apple's iPhone, sales of touch screens using projected-capacitive technology are growing dramatically," said Jennifer Colegrove, senior analyst for emerging displays at iSuppli.

"Projected capacitive touch screen technology is more durable and has better transmittance than the more commonly used resistive technology. More touch-screen manufacturers are developing and commercializing this type of screen. Furthermore, the average pricing gap between the capacitive and resistive display types is dwindling, making the technology more attractive."

Source: Cellular News
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Terça-feira, 11 de Março de 2008

Apple iPhone v2.0 firmware reviewed

Will at IntoMobile brings us quite an interesting and in-depth review of the upcoming firmware on Apple's iPhone. The iPhone hasn't come to South Africa yet, so I haven't had the chance to review it or share my true views on it, but the article itself explains quite a lot:
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Sexta-feira, 29 de Fevereiro de 2008

ìPhone software roadmap hits the cyber highway

The Apple iPhone SDK hasn't had any leaks so we haven't seen anything and don't know what to expect. Apple released their software roadmap, and the even is scheduled for 6th March, and it is confirmed in a email sent out by the company, that the SDK will (finally) be announced then.

I'm seriously wondering what these enterprise applications are, perhaps we can expect a full office package, containing applications that will make your computer feel useless. Besides this faith that we have in the office package, crucial business compatibility with Exchange and Outlook should be added to make the iPhone usable by major corporates.

Source: Engadget, AppleInsider
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Quarta-feira, 6 de Fevereiro de 2008

Apple Lost Up to $400 Million in Revenues from Unlocked Iphones

Quite an astounding number, but most importantly it's the proof that you can't keep customers locked down.

The official number of devices that aren't registered  with AT&T should be about 1.7 million, but we can't forget that some of them are in use in UK and some will start selling in neighboring countries. Some analysts predict the number to round 300 000 to 400 000 unlocked devices, but I pretty much believe it is well above the 1 million mark.

I was unsure how the unlocked phones would bring damage to the company, when I found out the obvious reasoning: Apple earns from the network it signs the contract with.

The number doesn't really make sense if you calculate that $300 million are lost for every 1 million iPhones unlocked. That would mean that the carrier pays $300 extra for the device, which sounds a bit unlikely.

Picture: Wired
Source: Cellular News via Textually
published by Meraj Chhaya às 13:53
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Terça-feira, 5 de Fevereiro de 2008

16GB Apple iPhone on the way

When your features can't win them, the huge storage size surely can.

This will definitely win the heart of music fans and even movie fanatics. 16GB is double of any phone that I know, and the iPhone comes packed with the same amount of features, and the famous Safari browser, although it keeps the poor GPRS/EDGE networks.

The price is quite acceptable, $500 from Apple's store.

In Apple's press release it was also announced a 32GB iPod Touch.

Picture: The Apple News
Source: Apple via Engadget
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Sexta-feira, 25 de Janeiro de 2008

iAthan - Azan (Athan) for iPhone and iTouch

Well you have seen many Symbian talk and applications here in the blog, so it's a bit unfair for all the Apple lovers out there.

Considering this, I decided to post the iAthan for iPhone and iTouch, from a very reliable source of mine which is GuidedWays.

This is obviously for the muslim audience, to make sure you never miss a prayer.

Download here
published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:37
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Sexta-feira, 18 de Janeiro de 2008

Diamond Apple iPhone

Of course all the famous phones get their Bling Bling time. I think we did see a N95 covered with diamonds a while back, so now it's the iPhone's turn.

Case-Mate came up with a 20 000USD case which consists of 42 diamonds on a 18 carat Gold cover.

published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:43
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