Terça-feira, 19 de Fevereiro de 2008

Interview with the man behind Screenshot, Antony Prananta!


I decided to interview a great man I admire, for developing the application that all us reviewers love, Screenshot. Antony has been in the software business for long, and is and important developer at Nokia.

Good evening Mr Antony Pranata, I am really glad that you accepted my invite. The readers and I are expecting to find out quite a lot about you and your contribution to the Symbian society. 

To start, would you care to tell us what which phone was your first?

My first mobile phone was Siemens C25.

When did you acquire this mobile phone, and what was the price (comparing to the prices today)?

I bought my Siemens C25 in August 1999. At that time, I was still living in my home country, Indonesia. The price was around US $135.

What phone are you using at the moment?

I am currently using Nokia N95 8GB.

When did you get into mobile phone programming?

I started into mobile phone programming at the beginning of 2003.

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published by Meraj Chhaya às 16:15
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Sábado, 2 de Fevereiro de 2008

Meraj's (must have) Nokia N95 applications! - Part 1

Welcome to the Part 1 of my must have N95 applications, some of them aren't really must have, but I am writing a little bit about everything that is installed in my Nokia N95-1. I will try explain this to the low-profile end-user N95 users the best I can, it is time that only fanatics use the Symbians to the maximum.

This is obviously not the first applications list made by a phone article blogger, but it is my first, so just sit back and relax while I review the applications that I use.

In this edition you will read about:
  • Epocware Handy Taskman
  • Samir's RotateMe
  • Samir's Nokmote
  • Nokia Activity Monitor
  • MXit
  • Minispeaker
published by Meraj Chhaya às 21:13
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