Sexta-feira, 28 de Março de 2008

Cuba allows cellphones, welcome to all Cubans to our world

Raul Castro must've stopped smoking those contaminated cigars, as he lifted the ban on cellphones, something quite awkward one must say. I know that many Muslim countries ban MMS due to pornography, but banning cellular phones in general is an extreme measure.
The Cuban communist government  previously only allowed foreigners or employees of the government to possess mobile phones, so others Cubans had to get their certificates signed by foreigners in order to purchase a phone.

"In the next days the public will be informed of the procedures for changes of title for Cuban citizens who to date have acquired cell phones indirectly, and the initiation of new contracts for interested Cubans," said a statement by the State operator ETECSA.

Picture: Corbis
Source: Yahoo/AFP via News24
published by Meraj Chhaya às 22:10
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