Sexta-feira, 4 de Abril de 2008

Nokia buys steroids, releases v200 firmware for E90

There is a strong possibility that Nokia's team has drank Redbull in excess. Thursday, Steve Litchfield caught a fault in Nokia Software Update site, it appeared that v200.34.72 firmware was available, from the previous v7.40.12 firmware.
published by Meraj Chhaya às 18:22
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Sexta-feira, 28 de Março de 2008

Nokia E52 (Photoshop fake)

To the average user it might look real, and in a smaller resolution it might even deceive a mobile phone blogger, but a simple inspection can point out the mistakes here.

The keypad for once is really too big, you don't find those in any Nokia slider, and even if you did, the way it fits the image doesn't make sense somehow. Another little detail was the top of the front panel slider, which is too rounded and the shades don't look realistic. Nevertheless it was a great try, and if we played along, it would make a good gossip.

Source: NokiaPort via IntoMobile
published by Meraj Chhaya às 22:38
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Quarta-feira, 20 de Fevereiro de 2008

Nokia E90 v2 in MWC?

That was kind of unofficial, but Cellpassion got a glimpse of it.

It seems that there aren't many changes, only exterior ones, Nokia realised that the E90 needed a plastic surgery for better build quality. I'm not sure how "better" this edition is, but according to most sources, it's worth to wait for this than buy the regular E90.

If you look to the E90 in the picture you will notice that it has a new colour, it seems bigger, and has no scratches on the display, unlike it's counterpart on the right.

Source: Cellpassion via Engadget
published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:10
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