Sexta-feira, 4 de Abril de 2008

Nokia buys steroids, releases v200 firmware for E90

There is a strong possibility that Nokia's team has drank Redbull in excess. Thursday, Steve Litchfield caught a fault in Nokia Software Update site, it appeared that v200.34.72 firmware was available, from the previous v7.40.12 firmware.
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Quarta-feira, 20 de Fevereiro de 2008

Nokia E90 v2 in MWC?

That was kind of unofficial, but Cellpassion got a glimpse of it.

It seems that there aren't many changes, only exterior ones, Nokia realised that the E90 needed a plastic surgery for better build quality. I'm not sure how "better" this edition is, but according to most sources, it's worth to wait for this than buy the regular E90.

If you look to the E90 in the picture you will notice that it has a new colour, it seems bigger, and has no scratches on the display, unlike it's counterpart on the right.

Source: Cellpassion via Engadget
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Quarta-feira, 13 de Fevereiro de 2008

LG KT610 a competitor for E90?


Reading the features will tell you exactly that, but does it really live to the competition?


Well it does have a GPS, HSDPA, Symbian OS9.2 S60 v3.1, and a full QWERTY keyboard. The camera is a bit disappointing, with only 2 megapixels of resolution, it stays behind the Nokia E90, but what is hidden beneath the clamshell is the beautiful VGA resolution display.


If the phone isn't released too late, it won't make a difference that it lacks of a touchscreen or it only has 64MB on internal memory, although a memory card can be added.


On the design size, it looks like a very old phone, especially if you look at the keys, and I was expecting the display atleast a bit bigger.


Source: Softpedia, GSMArena

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Domingo, 4 de Março de 2007

E90 FCC approved!

Nokia E90 Communicator - the legend evolves into an all-inclusive Nokia Eseries business device

The Nokia E90 Communicator sets the standard for an uncompromised "mobile office" experience. The latest technologies at the core of the device bring business necessities and personal amenities to the hands of people independent of time and place. Fast and inexpensive connections over WLAN and HSDPA-enhanced 3G accelerate the mobile use of data- and transmission-rich applications. The interface to business and leisure applications and the Internet, the stunning Nokia S60 browser, with 16 million colors, is capable of displaying the full width of a web page at once.
The Nokia E90 Communicator is now based on the S60 platform, making a wealth of additional mobile applications available for its users. The Nokia E90 Communicator also has an integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application to provide help in finding routes and locating services. For increased personal convenience, the Nokia E90 Communicator is equipped with an FM radio, a music player, a video player and two cameras -- a 3.2Mpix auto focus camera with flash and a second camera for videoconferencing.


Discuss it here
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