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35 years since the first phone call

Motorola invented the first truly mobile cellular phone, but it was Martin Cooper, general manager of Motorola’s Communications Systems Division, who made the first cellular phone call.
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Quinta-feira, 3 de Abril de 2008

Videocon to buy Motorola's Phone Business?

Well, we have news everywhere about India's companies trying to buy this and that. The lastest one was Tata Motors acquiring Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.

But this one, is different. You may ask why...but it is simple to answer: Motorola was separating the mobile phones' business from the big company making a Spin-off. But as I have said to you, a spin-off is always seen with good eyes from the stock holders, but when comes the reports from the best analysts we can have a better dimension of what could be happening and if it would be good or not. As we saw from my last post, this Spin-Off could be a complete disaster.

But today, a company that I have never heard before, named Videocon, is intended to buy Motorola's phone business. Now, this is better than a spin-off, this is better than anything (at least for the stock holders), because it makes the market move, and UP (for the two companies)

But, when Motorola said that they weren't interested in "this", the vitality of this session isn't being too good to Motorola. But in the other hand Videocon was bumping on the last Indian session.

You can see a nice report of Videocon right here, and quotes from Motorola here.

Here is the graph from today, just to show that the market isn't too interested in these things, at this time. Anyway, we might not have yet reached the climax (just maybe......)

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Videocon Group interested in taking over Motorola's cellphone dept

Motorola's spinoff that MH spoke about in a recent post, separated its handset business from the rest of the company. Videocon Group from Aurangabad, India has become interested in acquiring the handset department at Motorola.
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Sexta-feira, 28 de Março de 2008

Analysis to the Motorola SpinOff

Some days ago Motorola announced a SpinOff, in this case a separation of Motorola in two companies.

It is known that Motorola was preparing an operation like this some 2 months ago, but just now we had the official announcement. A SpinOff is always taken well by the investors, mainly because it will create 2 companies focused in their products, that normally aren't competitors, which means that we can have a Motorola more focused in the mobile markets and more directed against its rivals, such as Nokia and Samsung.

But, that was what happened in 26th March. We saw a huge gap up (an opening superior than the last close), on which the stock plunged from 9,71$ to 10,30$.  But, in the afternoon the major analysts came with their reviews, and investors noticed that the spin off could not just generate 2 companies, but three or more.
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Motorola shows their DVB-h-touchscreen-cellphone device

Motorola also wants to join in the touchscreens war, so they joined in by adding the feature to their new DVB-h device DH02. Besides that, the device also some capabilites as a mobile phone, such as HSDPA and GPRS.

The looks of the DH02 leaves us wondering whether this is a mobile phone or a just a DVB-h device, because you cannot make voice calls, only use data and SMS. The press images aren't polished either, so again we wonder what happened to the legendary external appearance department at Motorola.
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Sexta-feira, 21 de Março de 2008

Motorola Z9 specifications leak

We have been receiving many updates of new Motorola handsets, as not many revolutionary devices were shown at Mobile World Congress last month. The Z9 was known for a long time, and according to the specifications, it doesn't feature any outstanding component. The phone is however unannounced, but GSM Arena has a leaflet where it got all the information from.

The Z9 portrays a 2.4" QVGA display, 45MB internal memory and a microSD slot, a poor 2 megapixel camera, and CrystalTalk technology for noise reduction during calls.

The only thing saving this phone might be the music function, the dedicated keys are on the top panel of the slider. On the leaflet there was a 3G version and an EDGE version, but the final product should have 3G, which is still far from the current HSDPA networks.

According to the source, there will be AGPS, but not an actual GPS receiver. I find this rather odd, perhaps it's wrong information, or Motorola felt really lazy when building this phone.

Source: GSM Arena

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Terça-feira, 11 de Março de 2008

Kodak phone nearing the launch?

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I had written some posts about Kodak and Motorola working together on a new camera sensor. According to the sources, it was a 5 megapixel camera phone, but we had no further information, and it wasn't even released during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

A new video spotted by Staska at Unwired View resurrects the rumour, and gives us a graphical view of the upcoming phone.

And here is the video:

Source: Unwired View
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Quarta-feira, 5 de Março de 2008

Mobile World Congress last goodbye

This is the time when I look back and I post over 40 articles written about what is the best mobile phone show on earth. This time I didn't get to go, but all the effort that was done by everyone else, is portrayed in each of these articles, thanks to all! The articles are in date order, the oldest to newest one. Now you have something to do for the next "work" hour.

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Domingo, 2 de Março de 2008

Zain Saudi Arabia Awards Motorola $335 Million 2G/3G Network Contract

Lazy Sunday...but someone is making money. Zain network from Saudi Arabia, the third national operator, gave Motorola $335m to setup their 2G and 3G networks.  And now, the press release:
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Segunda-feira, 18 de Fevereiro de 2008

Motorola W181 for the low-end market

I don't know why I did bother posting this on the blog, but I guess I have to complete the line-up on the most important brand phones that were released at Mobile World Congress.

The W181 should be a cheap alternative to most black and white display phones and it's clearly directed to the African and Indian market as it supports 7 African languages and Hindi. The display has 65k colours and 128 x 128 pixels of resolution.

There's absolutely no memory available for the user, not a card slot, no Java compatibility or a MP3 player. There is simply space for 750 SMS and 500 entries for the phonebook.

No GPRS or 3G, but a Dual Band frequency, and a US version.

To make the users happy (sort of), there are 3 built-in games. Yay!

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