Quinta-feira, 3 de Abril de 2008

Videocon to buy Motorola's Phone Business?

Well, we have news everywhere about India's companies trying to buy this and that. The lastest one was Tata Motors acquiring Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.

But this one, is different. You may ask why...but it is simple to answer: Motorola was separating the mobile phones' business from the big company making a Spin-off. But as I have said to you, a spin-off is always seen with good eyes from the stock holders, but when comes the reports from the best analysts we can have a better dimension of what could be happening and if it would be good or not. As we saw from my last post, this Spin-Off could be a complete disaster.

But today, a company that I have never heard before, named Videocon, is intended to buy Motorola's phone business. Now, this is better than a spin-off, this is better than anything (at least for the stock holders), because it makes the market move, and UP (for the two companies)

But, when Motorola said that they weren't interested in "this", the vitality of this session isn't being too good to Motorola. But in the other hand Videocon was bumping on the last Indian session.

You can see a nice report of Videocon right here, and quotes from Motorola here.

Here is the graph from today, just to show that the market isn't too interested in these things, at this time. Anyway, we might not have yet reached the climax (just maybe......)

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