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Surround sound coming to mobile phones


Well the title is a bit dogdy, it's actually a virtual surround or 5.1 coming to earphones, transmitted from phones, and this type of concept already exists. If you have a C-Media software for audio test, you might get a helicopter application, where you can make the sound "sound" like it's coming from behind you even if you only have a 2 channel system.


The concept comes from SRS Labs, and it shouldn't be much different from the PC version.


According to SRS:

  • SRS Circle Surround Headphone ups the ante for the consumer mobile video experience by unleashing latent surround sound.
  • SRS Circle Surround Headphone is the answer for wireless service
    providers, media sites and device makers that rely on 2-channel-audio-based architecture for video playback

Unfortunately it seems you actually need the CS headphones, otherwise the sound will be plain stereo, although it seems to be that there might be a digital solution to this.


SRS obviously wants to win the hearts of tons of mobile operators and DVB-h providers on this technology.


Picture: Gadget ress

Source: IntoMobile, Newswire

published by Meraj Chhaya às 16:07
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Toshiba G910 a bit off-target


They did try hard, but Toshiba was just a bit off-target when releasing the Portege G910. It had been announced some time ago, but now it's official.


The Toshiba is mainly focused on GPS, and has good connectivity options, Bluetooth v2.0, WiFi and USB v2.0. In network terms, there is quad-band GSM/EDGE and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA.


The feature that stole "glamour" from the Toshiba was the low QVGA resolution in the huge 2.8" touchscreen.


Powering the G910 is a Qualcomm MSM7200 (400MHz) processor, with 256MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM. There is also a satisfying 1530 mAh battery. Internal memory isn't a feature to talk about, instead there is support for microSD cards.

To finish, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus was included, and supporting everything is Windows Mobile Professional, I'm guessing version 6.0.

Source: GSMArena

published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:43
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G450 - the modem MP3 player

This does come as a suprise, I still hadn't seen a 3G/HSDPA phone without a colour screen, but the Toshiba G450 is a different case.


Taking the shape of a MP3 player, the G450 weighs 57g only and was made to be used as a modem, and it supports GPRS and EDGE as well.


It has a standard USB port, which means that it might be quite thick, so we just have to wait for the live pictures for comparison.



  • Networks - UMTS/HSDPA 2100 (3.6 Mbps), GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900
  • CPU - Qualcomm MSM6280
  • Memory - 160 MB (user available)
  • miniUSB
  • Display – OLED 96x39 pixels
  • Audio formats - MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+
  • Battery - 600 mAh
  • Standby time – up to 200 hours
  • Talk time – up to 140 minutes
  • Dimensions – 98x36x16 mm
  • Weight - 57 g
  • Shell color – black, white, red

    Source: Mobile-Review

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:35
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    W980...and no, it's not a Photoshop!

    Everytime I saw this phone it looked like a fake, I don't know if you also think so, but to me the picture looks drawn on a computer:



    Well we do know that is real, so let's hit the specs.


    A great advantage on the music side is the interal FM antenna, no more need to plug headsets just to get hold of radio.


    The internal display is still the same old QVGA, we haven't seen many improvements on resolutions, apart on less famous phone, but after all it's only 2.2".

    The secondary display, the external one, has an acceptable 176x176 resolution, although I'm not aware of the size of it.


    8GB of internal memory is the standard now for any good music phone, and Sony Ericsson didn't forget that, even being a slim fashionable phone, the W980 has the heartbeat of a great phone.


    Obviously we can't ask for perfection, so a 3.2 megapixel camera is a decent addition to the package. As usual on Walkman series, TrackID is a must, and on this phone an accelerometer was included making it possible to use the Shake Control.


    To finish in style, there is HSDPA at 3.6mbps, but unfortunately no WiFi.


    Unfortunately, just like any glossy device, the Sony Ericsson is a fingerprint magnet.



    Source: Engadget, GSMArena

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 15:07
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    LG KT610 a competitor for E90?


    Reading the features will tell you exactly that, but does it really live to the competition?


    Well it does have a GPS, HSDPA, Symbian OS9.2 S60 v3.1, and a full QWERTY keyboard. The camera is a bit disappointing, with only 2 megapixels of resolution, it stays behind the Nokia E90, but what is hidden beneath the clamshell is the beautiful VGA resolution display.


    If the phone isn't released too late, it won't make a difference that it lacks of a touchscreen or it only has 64MB on internal memory, although a memory card can be added.


    On the design size, it looks like a very old phone, especially if you look at the keys, and I was expecting the display atleast a bit bigger.


    Source: Softpedia, GSMArena

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:55
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    iRiver's ugly phone gets a review

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but iRiver's prototype just looks like every other touchscreen phone we have seen until now, and if there is nothing special on it, it won't even make it to a competitive market.



    As usual, the guys at Engadget got a hands-on and lot of phones of the phone, but nothing new is reported from the phone, same specs and no news on the Operating System, we just know it's LInux based UI.

    If it does have a 2 megapixel camera, they rather not even try, by the time the iRiver makes a debut, most phones will have a 5 megapixel camera. iRiver expects their first mobile phone to launch by the end of this year.

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:05
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    N96 LED flash demonstration

    This is one piece of hardware that was long discussed and really criticized, so someone was clever enough to actually test the LED and show its power...or lack of it.

    The Nokia N96 features a Dual LED flash instead of the loved Xenon. The excuse that Nokia Product Managers presented is that Xenon lights can only be activate for a second, where the LEDs can be active during the whole of the video capture session. Last night I saw a Mercedes, and it came to my mind that some cars use Xenon headlights, which are lit for long periods of time, so why couldn't this technology be incorporated in phones?

    Enjoy the video...


    Source: TheNokiaBlog

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 14:00
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    Terça-feira, 12 de Fevereiro de 2008

    Nokia and Google - The partnership is confirmed


    This shouldn't be a big deal, we have seen Live Search from Windows Live, which is obviously owned by Microsoft, so now we wonder why did Nokia change from Microsoft to Google?


    We had seen the change in the N800 Internet Tablet, but the change was yet to come to Nokias, many Samsung's incorporated Google Search and made publicity with it, and as Google owns 75% of the search engine market share, Nokia thought that this would be a good marketing move, not bad Nokia...


    "Providing choices for our consumers is an important driver in Nokia's Internet service strategy," said Ilkka Raiskinen, vice-president, software and services at Nokia. "This integration allows our consumers the ability to use the innovative search technologies, which have made Google almost synonymous with Internet search.
    "Adding Google to Nokia Search provides mobile users with fast, relevant and comprehensive search experience that will be familiar to the people who use Google to search the web from their desktop," said Google's VP of Engineering and Products for Mobile Vic Gundotra. "Google search combined with the high quality applications on Nokia devices help make information available to Nokia device users wherever they are and provide an excellent overall experience."
    Source: Nokia
    published by Meraj Chhaya às 20:13
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    S60 touch UI more videos...no protos

    I was expecting more than just another someone playing around with the system, but I guess we only saw a a S60 representative with a tablet PC which had an emulator or a S60 touch UI Operating System.


    The S60 representative showed the basic touch and feeback, nothing new, in fact it's less than what we saw at the other video long ago. The scrolling was the worst part, I prefer the scrolling that the N800 had, where you "push" the page up or down.


    I suspect this is a very early stage of the system, or atleast I hope so. Check the videos:



    The videos were posted by the new Voice of S60, Saara Bergstörm.


    Source: Symbian-Freak, Boy Genius Report

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 20:07
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    N96 and N78 hands on video

    My coleague Norman who was invited to Barcelona posted few videos and descriptions on the Nokia N96 and Nokia N78. Enjoy the videos, and thanks Norman!

    Source: Symbian World

    published by Meraj Chhaya às 20:00
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