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Analysis to the Motorola SpinOff

Some days ago Motorola announced a SpinOff, in this case a separation of Motorola in two companies.

It is known that Motorola was preparing an operation like this some 2 months ago, but just now we had the official announcement. A SpinOff is always taken well by the investors, mainly because it will create 2 companies focused in their products, that normally aren't competitors, which means that we can have a Motorola more focused in the mobile markets and more directed against its rivals, such as Nokia and Samsung.

But, that was what happened in 26th March. We saw a huge gap up (an opening superior than the last close), on which the stock plunged from 9,71$ to 10,30$.  But, in the afternoon the major analysts came with their reviews, and investors noticed that the spin off could not just generate 2 companies, but three or more.
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