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Dr Jukka interviewed - Nokia and Symbian uncovered

Today I am interviewing Dr Jukka Silvennoinen, Senior Technology expert from Forum Nokia, a Certified Nokia Trainer, and a guest lecturer at a university in Thailand. Dr Jukka is known for his extensive contribution to the Symbian community and, of course to Forum Nokia. Dr Jukka is also admired by many Symbian programmers, and he was one of the founding members of Forum Nokia Champions reward program. It is my great honour to interview him, and I'm sure the world's cell phone community is eager to read what this talented programmer has to say.

Dr Jukka, I thank you once again for accepting my invitation, and I thank the Nokia Press department as well for this opportunity.

First of all, I would like to ask you some questions close to your heart, of a personal matter:

What was the first phone you ever had?

It was Ericsson GH 198, my first and last non-Nokia device.

When did you buy the above-mentioned phone, and what price did you pay for it?

I bought it in August 1994. It did cost around 7-800 Euros, I would have wanted to buy Nokia 2110 back then, but it was probably some 300 Euros more expensive.

What is the phone you are using at the moment?

I have few devices always in my bag, but the one that I carry 24/7 is N95 classic.

When did you start programming?

First program I wrote was with ZX Spectrum, and the year must have been 1983. I was around 10, and we had computer club sort of thing. They had probably 3-4 computers there and only one was the 48k version, so you had to be quick to get it, otherwise you had to do with the 16k version.

What was the first mobile program that you compiled or helped to develop?

First mobile program I compiled must have been Hello world for Nokia 9210. And the first program I made by myself, was Bangkok City guide for 9210. I started it with zero knowledge, and had to show demo 6 weeks later at Nokia trade show. A bit stressful start, but felt good afterwards. Still remember the Singapore event rather clearly, had 15 stitches in my head from previous weekend’s wakeboarding accident and was feeling a bit sick whole week.

When did you join Nokia, and why, if I may ask?

I joined Forum Nokia in November 2007. Previously I was working at 3rd party developer, and felt that I needed change, but still wanted to stay at the cutting edge of development. Have been really happy with the role with Forum Nokia, it has been excellent learning experience so far, and I’m sure it will not lose the “Fun” aspect any day soon.

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