Quinta-feira, 27 de Março de 2008

New NSeries in the making?

This is truly for us to guess, as we have no clue whatsoever what the new device compromises of, but according to Cybette at her Jaiku, she received a prototype, and she is so excited about it, that she actually told (or teased) us.
If you guys didn't know, Cybette, or Carol Chen is the Senior Integration Engineer at Nokia, so the last thing this should be is a fake rumour. Carol wrote that "it's NXX on the spec sheet in front of me and N00 on the proto" which tells us that it cannot be a N96, but a new unreleased model.

Most of us wondered if it was a Touch UI device, which wasn't fully answered, but the tip makes me believe that it is the new generation of S60 phones. "as for touch, it's a touchy subject, so i will not touch it," wrote Carol.

What we can really do is only speculate...

Picture: Nokia
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Sábado, 22 de Março de 2008

Chinese give a whole new meaning to the word battery

This guy has been in all bloggers headlines for a simple fact: It lasts longer than any other phone, atleast that is what the manufacturer says.

According to Zhong Jun, the ZJ 268's battery has 32800mah and will last 100 days on standby mode. Some blogs say 666 days, others say 2 years, no one is really sure, but I would surely like to put this baby to the test

In many discussions I've read that not even laptop batteries are that powerful, and this has to be a scam, an intelligent one to make it to most tech news websites.
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Quinta-feira, 20 de Março de 2008

LG Touch Web Phone coming soon?

If Nokia doesn't release phones with decent resolution, it doesn't mean that LG can't.

The LH2300 Touch Web only seems to be available to Korea and other parts on Asia, I say this because it features T-DMB, and not DVB-h which was standardised by the European Union.

The phone also boasts 3G connectiviy, and of course the best part of it: 800x480 resolution for a touchscreen. There is a 3 megapixel camera with an obvious autofocus, anti-shake, and face recognition.

To finish, there is Bluetooth v2.0, hopefully with A2DP, and a microSD slot.

Source: IntoMobile

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Sábado, 15 de Março de 2008

Touchscreens are the future

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Not really a big news to anyone, but we haven't noticed that we actually achieving a new standard.
The change from a black and white screen to colour LCD was quite an important change in mobile phone history, and now it's the touchscreens as input methods.

From Navi-wheels to touchpads, and to multi-touch screens, the future is surely touch and feel.

"Catalyzed by Apple's iPhone, sales of touch screens using projected-capacitive technology are growing dramatically," said Jennifer Colegrove, senior analyst for emerging displays at iSuppli.

"Projected capacitive touch screen technology is more durable and has better transmittance than the more commonly used resistive technology. More touch-screen manufacturers are developing and commercializing this type of screen. Furthermore, the average pricing gap between the capacitive and resistive display types is dwindling, making the technology more attractive."

Source: Cellular News
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Quinta-feira, 6 de Março de 2008

Chinese needs lot letters, Chinese gets lot letters

This is a clever an obvious one. My whole life I heard that the Chinese alphabet has over 2000 characters. Most people wouldn't bother to memorize all, so they decided to differentiate between clever and stupid depending on how many letters you knew.

Samsung is quite close to China, so someone must have tipped them that they are running out of letters, therefore Samsung introduced them with handwriting recognition.

All you hear from manufacturers that produce touchscreens is that us, customers, need to feel our phones, and have a "touch experience". This is of course marketing to get those touchscreen enabled phones sold.

The L258 is quite a glossy phone, so you can already expect it to be a fingerprint magnet. There's a satisfying 2.3" display with QVGA resolution, a rather poor 2 megapixel camera, and the usual package, including Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and a microSD slot.

Source: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog
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Quarta-feira, 13 de Fevereiro de 2008

iRiver's ugly phone gets a review

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but iRiver's prototype just looks like every other touchscreen phone we have seen until now, and if there is nothing special on it, it won't even make it to a competitive market.



As usual, the guys at Engadget got a hands-on and lot of phones of the phone, but nothing new is reported from the phone, same specs and no news on the Operating System, we just know it's LInux based UI.

If it does have a 2 megapixel camera, they rather not even try, by the time the iRiver makes a debut, most phones will have a 5 megapixel camera. iRiver expects their first mobile phone to launch by the end of this year.

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