Sexta-feira, 4 de Abril de 2008

Sony Ericsson P5i - rumour or true smartphone?

The long-rumoured Sony Ericsson smartphone might be here sooner than expected. After a photoshop image trying to sketch the phone, now we can see something maybe more real, or maybe it's another photoshopped image.
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Quarta-feira, 5 de Março de 2008

Mobile World Congress last goodbye

This is the time when I look back and I post over 40 articles written about what is the best mobile phone show on earth. This time I didn't get to go, but all the effort that was done by everyone else, is portrayed in each of these articles, thanks to all! The articles are in date order, the oldest to newest one. Now you have something to do for the next "work" hour.

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Terça-feira, 19 de Fevereiro de 2008

Interview with the man behind Screenshot, Antony Prananta!


I decided to interview a great man I admire, for developing the application that all us reviewers love, Screenshot. Antony has been in the software business for long, and is and important developer at Nokia.

Good evening Mr Antony Pranata, I am really glad that you accepted my invite. The readers and I are expecting to find out quite a lot about you and your contribution to the Symbian society. 

To start, would you care to tell us what which phone was your first?

My first mobile phone was Siemens C25.

When did you acquire this mobile phone, and what was the price (comparing to the prices today)?

I bought my Siemens C25 in August 1999. At that time, I was still living in my home country, Indonesia. The price was around US $135.

What phone are you using at the moment?

I am currently using Nokia N95 8GB.

When did you get into mobile phone programming?

I started into mobile phone programming at the beginning of 2003.

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Sexta-feira, 15 de Fevereiro de 2008

Reviewing the Mobile World Congress, let's continue with SE G700

I decided that every device needed it's fame moment, therefore I decided to write a little bit on pretty much every major phone we saw at the Mobile World Congress that ended in Barcelona on Thursday.

Sony Ericsson wasn't scared of showing their touchscreen devices as Nokia, because Nokia is saving it all for S60 Touch UI.

The G700 is a mid-range smartphone, equipped with Symbian UIQ. UIQ was always the preference in Sony Ericssons, although S60 has won the hearts of most of us.

The device features a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabiliser, a LED flash. To display all this, a satisfying 2.4" LCD was included, with QVGA resolution.

The internal memory only counts with 160MB, and there is a port for M2 memory cards, although these can be quite expensive. There is 3G but no HSDPA.

To join the norm, Bluetooth in the phone is v2.0 and has A2DP support. TrackID was also included, and it is no longer an exclusive of the Walkman series.

For the touchscreen usage, there are sticky notes, and handwriting recognition.
According to the specifications, there is a blogging application, which I really want to get my hands on, to see what it is all about.
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Quarta-feira, 6 de Fevereiro de 2008

Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked

An update to yesterday's post, now the actual pictures of the long rumoured Motorola Z12 ZiNE a.k.a. Skarven have been leaked.

It looks exactly like its brothers Z8 and Z10, but it will have a more touch based interface, the keypad will be touched orientated and the display will obviously be a touchscreen.

According to Unwired View, the Z12 will feature Symbian UIQ, which I don't doubt seeing that the Z10 has Symbian OS9.2 UIQ 3.2.

The features is the most important, we were expecting a 8 megapixel camera sensor, but we might see a 5 megapixel Kodak powered sensor, here is some information that GSM Help Desk Provided:
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Domingo, 25 de Fevereiro de 2007

Citizen's VIRT W700 Bluetooth watch gets a facelift, remains ugly as sin

We applaud the effort, we truly do, but the masterminds behind Citizen's VIRT W700 Bluetooth watch should seriously consider a sabbatical to think about just how ugly their creations really are. Sure, we've seen worse in terms of brutal fashion miscues, but for a watch that sports such an elegant feature list, the unsightliness is almost unforgivable. Nevertheless, for those who aren't out to garner new friends with their wrist attire, the revamped W700 does smooth a few of the awkward lines found in the original rendition, and aside from syncing with your Bluetooth handset, it offers up on-screen caller ID, an OLED display, a vibration feature to alert you of an incoming call, lockable contact list, and a privacy feature to set your outgoing information to unavailable. The backlit display also flips out if you wander too far from your mobile, essentially doubling as a nifty cellphone finder after a long night of partying, and considering that a full charge will last you around five days, you can survive a week off without your AC adapter. Slated to hit the Japanese market next month for a currently undisclosed price, Citizen's latest VIRTs will be landing in blue, black, and the female favorite, pink.


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CUin5 Concept Phone

Description from the concept creator,

How about a handset in which every face carries a keypad, microphone, and speaker? Imagine grabbing it quickly - from inside your bag, from off a shelf, from under a car seat - and freely interacting with it without needing to turn it over or align it right side up? This was the line of thinking that over several years led me finally to conceive of CUin5. Whichever surface you touch first becomes active and aglow, while the others lock in place. Talk from a wide surface. Talk from the edge. See beyond its limitations and read the poetry between the lines.


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Phone softwares for computers- Very Useful!


Description: BlueSoleil is a center for the easy wireless life on your PC or laptop. With 3Mbps data speed feature, users can experience better music quality with Bluetooth EDR Stereo AV headset and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse running together.
By using a Bluetooth radio dongle, BlueSoleil (Standard) enables computers form networks and exchange information wirelessly. It also provides computers a fast and reliable wireless connection to mobile phones, headsets, PDAs, LAN Access Points, Printers, Digital Cameras, PC peripherals, and so on.


Remote Desktop for Mobiles

Description: Remote Desktop for Mobiles allows you to access remotely your desktop or laptop computer from Java powered phones and Symbian mobiles. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents in word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer. Interface is user-friendly and navigation is simple.


MobTime Cell Phone Manager

Description: MobTime Cell Phone Manager is easy-to-use pc software that helps you manage the content of your mobile phone via data cable, IrDA or Bluetooth dongle. The software supports most famous mobile phones of Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, and Motorola, LG, Siemens and so on.


Nokia PC Suite

Description: Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows-based PC applications developed especially for use with Nokia phones.

Depending on your phone model, Nokia PC Suite lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone's files on a compatible PC through a cable or wireless connection.


Nokia Software Updater

Description: Keep your phones software up-to-date, or fix a potential operation problem you may have by updating your phone firmware regularly.


Oxygen Phone Manager

Description: Oxygen Phone Manager II lets your PC and Nokia mobile phone communicate with each other using infrared, Bluetooth, DLR-3 cable, DAU-9P compatible cable in FBUS mode and DKU-5 (Pop-Port) cable.

You can load, edit, and rewrite your phonebook, import data from MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, CSV files and export the phonebook back to MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, CSV and other popular formats.

Oxygen Phone Manager II is a program that allows you connect your PC and Nokia GSM phone.

Program has advanced SMS Manager to work with short messages: send text, pictures, ringtones and logos; receive messages; organize SMS folders.

Oxygen Phone Manager II lets your PC and Nokia mobile phone communicate with each other.

SOURCE: 4ever 7710

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Sábado, 24 de Fevereiro de 2007

3G iPhone for Europe

Very few things should surprise us when it comes to talk about the handset Apple has launched during MacWorld in January. Most specifications are already known, the carrier to have the exclusivity in USA is AT&T (the former Cingular) and, generally speaking, everyone knows about everything there is to know about the iPhone, despite it getting a launch date somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2007.

Although most people might consider themselves iPhone specialists ahead of time, there is one information that just arrived regarding its future launch in Europe.

Every mobile user around the world has been quite disappointed to see the iPhone doesn't feature any type of 3G radio, but the rumor
I'm writing about here says the device is probably arriving in Europe as soon as this year's September and, hold your pants because this will totally rock the way you think about Apple's handset, in January a 3G version is also going to be presented to the customers by at least one mobile carrier.

You may wonder why is this revision of the iPhone only targeted at the European markets. This happens mainly because the mobile carriers in USA don't feature wide spread 3G coverage as it happends in Europe. One example is the EDGE enabled network Cingular/AT&T offers its customers, a network that will reach, in theory, data speeds of about 236.8 kbits/s for 4 timeslots or a maximum of 473.6 kbits/s for 8 timeslots.

Those theoretical speeds achievable by the EGDE technology qualify it in the third generation standard. Being already accepted by the International Telecommunications Union in the IMT-2000 family of 3G standards this type of technology would, again in theory, suffice as a reason for Apple to implement those highly desired 3G capabilities in the US iPhone revision.

But, against all the expectations that you might have, the AT&T/Cingular network is far from those theoretical figures because, as they declare on their website, “the Cingular EDGE network is available in more than 13,000 cities and towns and in areas along 40,000 miles of highways. It provides average data speeds between 75-135Kbps.” That is not at all sufficient to consider they have a 3G network (this kind of speed would be better associated with a dial-up network) and this is the reason Apple is so “mean” and doesn't want to deliver 3G enabled iPhone handsets stateside.

I'm sure Apple will not by any means delay the launch of such a device in USA if the carriers are kind enough to offer a lot more 3G coverage than they currently do at the time (I'm watching you Cingular/AT&T!), a fact that will surely get all US residents using a mobile phone a more European-like way of looking at the mobile market.

Contradictory to the way mobile business are conducted in the USA, in Europe the cheaper data rates and the large coverage of 3G networks make the local mobile market an excellent place to launch entire phone line-ups offering quality Internet access solutions. Thus, the largest mobile phone manufacturers always have a special spot in their money loving hearts and, lately, they launched an entire series of Internet and multimedia enabled cellphones.

What is one to expect if this information actually leaves the dark rumor cave it leaves in at the moment and will step in the open with a big “TRUE” stamp on its forehead? The best guess is a 3G iPhone available as soon as January 2008 in Europe, with an added front camera for video calling and, as probably you already know, a 99% possibility to be HSPDA enabled due to the present Apple choice of cellphone networks.


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SlashRumor: Upcoming Pro 700, Pro 800, Samsung M620 for Sprint

While there isn't any detail information on the Pro 700 and Pro 800, the Samsung M620 is the CDMA version of Samsung F300. The new products will be announced soon, and was said to be released in early April.


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